Spring Series 2 – Race Report

Course Xp 6p 5p 9s 4p 2p 3p S

Senior OOD was Ken, ably assisted by his team with Steve helping out.

The start line was on Tektona, as the wind was off shore.  Hugh, in his Topper, didn't quite make it out to the start line in time for the 6 minute starter.  Monica, in a club Pico, enjoyed the start of the race, but was seen being towed back to shore as the lure of grandchildren was greater than the race itself.

There were 22 boats across the line, all struggling with little breeze.  Dave I did particularly well in the light winds – perhaps the pink hat had something to do with it.

The Jolly Sailor spied someone who nearly capsized, but will spare their blushes by not identifying them.

Meanwhile, Ken's pink fleet influence was too much in the Thompson Leader.  A change of helm, hitting a buoy and some sunbathing? 

1st David C in Laser
2nd Ian in Super Nova
3rd Chris in Laser

The club was buzzing all afternoon, as sailors enjoyed the unusually good weather, finishing with a barbeque at dusk.

18/03/2012 Spring Series 1

Start of a new series. Some new faces turned up to rig their boats, did they know where their boats were ?   Did they know where the boat park was???????  
The start line was on Tatona, so there was plenty of wind and a balanced start line.  You could tell Monica was back ,she was shouting at her fellow Europe Paul.  You never hear the Laser mob shouting like that!!!!!!!  Anyway everyone started the race . The last to start was Steve in his 505, where was Lynne ??????  I think Steve wished he had her on board.  The wind was changing all the time. It wasnt going to be an easy race.  The leg between 7 and 6 was very testing. The whole fleet bunched up and poor ole Steve took an early bath!  I bet he wished Lynne was on board too.
The final results will be published on the results page of the website.

Pirates Ahoy

The lake was overrun with Pirates for the first time this year.  There were twenty two youngsters in an assorted fleet ofToppers, Lasers and a Leader.  Gary attempted to provide structure to the afternoon, but it felt too good to be out on the water and no-one listened to him.  He resorted to sitting alone in his rubber duckie with a giant red ball!
The wind was just perfect to provide enough movement to keep everyone interested, but not enough to get cold and wet.  There was only one casualty who had to head in for a nice warm shower.
The sun was low in the sky when the last of the Pirates returned to base, and when the boats were all put away, the sailors were joined by less hardy souls who came just for the feast of sausages, burgers and curry.  The clubhouse was full to overflowing.
Gary made a rousing speech, and then Monica announced that the Pirates domination of the lake was to extend to a Saturday afternoon each month – after the Pink Fleet is safely out of the water.
Yes, you read that correctly, Monica has returned – so Summer is nearly here.
Welcome back Monica, and hoorah for the Pirates!

11th March 2012

28 boats  were rigged and took to the water.  The course was an interesting one. The wind kept on switching which made the start line very testing. 28 boats fighting for the best position near the jetty. The chances of a collision was very high.  The Jolly Sailor could hear Steve shouting and Roger keep clear but there was no where to go!  The relief on the sailors and O.O.D. s was clearly shown when the start horn went and everyone sped off to the first mark. A lot more shouting at the first mark, were we going to experience another collision??????    Thank fully this didn’t occur. 
Jon managed to pull away from the rest sailors into a commanding lead.  This wind had a habit of disappearing and reappearing on another part of the lake.  The winner was going to win this on more luck than skill!    David and Rowland was snapping at Jon heels. Were they going to catch up or not.
The wind was still playing silly games. David and Rowland caught Jon up but they left the remaining sailors for dust!   What have they got in their boats which the other haven’t got??????????
Anyway the O.O.D s put the sailors out of their misery and finished the race.  Rowland managed to sneak ahead of Jon and David.  So the final positions were 
1st  Rowland      2nd   David       3rd     Jon.     
 Ater the race The Jolly Sailor could hear the other sailors teasing Rowland when he said it was the first race he had won. They said it was because he was very lucky and not skill!
Thank you everyone  for the soup and bread. The sailors have been very grateful over the Frostbite Series.
On Sunday its the start of the Spring Series.  Pursuit race starting 10 .30.

March 2012 Pink Day

A lovely March spring day brought the Pink Fleeters out of their winter
hibernation. After another great brekkie and in ideal conditions for
Pinkies to shake off the winter blues and get back into the sailing bug,
fourteen boats took to the water. Pinkies are very quick learners, Ken
has drilled into them that a good start is essential and the start line
was like the M25 on a Friday night – nobody gave an inch as all the
boats went over the line together. Monica will be coming back from her
care home after her winter hibernation in the sunshine to join Pinkies
for the April Pink Day.
It was great to see Robbie back in a boat after a her little problems,
and she was duly awarded the Pink Fleet Cup – well done Robbie.

Next Pink Day Saturday 14th April.