Club boats

Club boats may be hired by members for their own or signed-in guests use only. Club events such as training courses, Youth Sessions or Open Days have first call on the Club boats and other users should check with the organiser of an event as to which boats will be available for general hire. These dates will normally be indicated on the booking sheets.
Boat availability is on a first come, first served basis.

Payment of £10/half-day session for all dinghies, except Sport 14’s and Fevas, which are £20/half-day session .
Please ensure that all the parts are returned to where they were found so that the boat is complete for the next person.
Report any problems that need fixing to a committee member so that boats are kept in a ready to sail condition.

Boats available are:
Topper x3
Laser (Standard, Radial and 4.7 rigs) x3
Pico x5
Sport 14 x2

The club also has the following additional boats available for specific club training, events or by special request:
Race Topper x4
Oppi x7
RS Feva (Training and XL Rigs) x3

A Club boat may be reserved for a particular date by signing on the booking sheet on the noticeboard.
To allow all members access to boats, only one booking per person may be active at a time, i.e. if a boat is booked for the following Sunday morning, no further bookings may be made before Sunday lunchtime. The exception to this is that a single boat may be booked for both the morning and afternoon on the same day.
Club boats that are not reserved for a particular session may be hired on the day, regardless of an active booking that the member may have for a future date. This should also be indicated by signing the booking sheet to claim the boat for that session.
Payment is done on a honesty basis, details can be found in the boat hire box in the cupboard by the club entrance.