OOD Duties

Each member of the club is expected as part of their membership terms to attend their alloted duty to help run the club. It is a great way to meet and chat with other members that you may not know whilst doing your duty.

The duty rota is held in the Member Portal which can be accessed via this link which requires your username/password https://portal.readingsc.org.uk
Alternativley you will have been e-mailed a personalised unique link which doesn’t require you to login.

From within the Member Portal system you can volunteer for duties, arrange swaps and send messages to other members.

The team roles are typically split up as follows, with people assigned to a role (or multiple roles) depending upon their knowledge, experiance and abilities.

SOOD – Senior Officer Of the Day They are responsible for running the duty on the day, unlocking & closing the club, assigning roles and mentoring those with less experience.
OOD – Officer Of the Day roles
Patrol boat helm – They will have undergone some training on how to use and drive the patrol boats and will assist any sailors in difficulty and move marks as required.
Patrol boat crew – They will assist the Patrol boat helm and will need to be dressed appropriately for the weather and possibly entering the water.
Timing officer Responsible for the race start countdown and calling the elapsed times of boats each lap.
Flag officer Responsible for raising and lowering the appropriate flags at the right times.
Recording officer – Responsible for maintaining a neat and accurate record of boats laps and times.
Galley officer – Responsible for ensuring that the OOD team are kept warm with cups of tea & coffee. In the winter putting on the soup to warm ready for the sailors when they come ashore.