Visit our station at Weather Underground

Water level upstream of Sonning Lock

We are currently developing a new weather station view for this website which you can test at or or
The data is currently live but being tested and will be uploaded every 60 seconds from our weather station. Any data before 1245 on 11/01/2020 is test/fake, anything after this time is live.

WebCam view

This is an old view from the Clubhouse, however it doesn’t auto refresh. The camera will display a new image every 60 seconds between 0600 and 2300 due to the limited amount of data available on the club’s mobile internet connection.

Clicking on this link will open the latest image on a new page, which can be refreshed at will.

Our Weather station is a HP1000 clone from Fine Offset. The Webcam is a Realtek 410W. They are integrated using a Raspberry Pi running WeeWX and will upload their data to WindGuru, Windy, CWOP and WeatherUnderground.