Who are we? 
Within Reading SC, we are the model boat section, consisting of avid sailors, who enjoy sailing yachts  without getting our feet wet.

We encourage you to explore this marvellous sport and come and join us.
You will find a very sociable group of people, who come from all walks of life.

Where do we sail?
We have access to the Club waters during the week. After heavy rainfall, it is advisable to check the water level at Sonning Lock. If it is above the ‘typical range’ on the Environmental Agency’s map linked from the home page, the access road is likely to be flooded.

When do we sail? 
Every Tuesday and Friday mornings throughout the year,  depending upon conditions, although during Christmas week, skippers may be busy elsewhere. The events are found on the ‘Whats On’ page on the main site.
The first race starts approximately at 10:00 and the session lasts about two hours, with a break for mid morning coffee.

During December and January, some of the group would rather stay warm and carry out essential yacht maintenance, however the hardy skippers will still sail. If you are interested in joining us, please contact the person below.

What do we sail?

  • DragonForce 65 yacht – Tuesdays and Friday mornings, 10:00am
    DF65 fleet racing
    DragonForce racing

The DragonForce is a fine introductory yacht for newcomers in the sport and is generating a lot of interest. Several dinghy members have taken racing these craft too. In the past the International One Metre (IOM), J Class and the Radio Marblehead have been sailed.
As we only sail model sailing yachts, there isn’t the opportunity to have other craft on the water. Those people may like to consider the Mid Thames Model Boat Club in Reading as a more suitable venue. See https://www.mtmbc.club/

Sailing area: 
We are fortunate to have our course layout with approximately nine marks near the clubhouse.
Launching from a wooden walkway on the lake edge, with sufficient depth for all sailing craft.
The start line is set between a floating mark and a movable ‘on shore’ mark, ensuring a good beat in most wind conditions.
The club uses an electronic timer for the start sequence.
The day’s results are collated and published in the clubhouse and on-line.

Visitors and guests:
If you want to visit the club, you should be aware there is a locked barrier at the entrance to the drive. This barrier is secured during the week when the model yachters are sailing. Please email in advance, the contact below if you want to bring your vehicle in, or park in the road and walk the 600 metres to the club.

Contacts for further information