Operating and Safety Procedures Key Facts

The club has a full set of Operating and Safety Procedures which is available for all members to read at the club and from the secure member section of the website. All Committee members, RYA instructors and organised activity leaders (e.g. Pirates & Pink Day leaders) shall read and work to the full document; a record will be kept showing this.
Club members should note the following Key Facts:
– All club members must be insured when using their own boats, including third party insurance for a minimum of £2,000,000.
– All Club members are insured whilst acting as a volunteer for the club, including providing organised training, organised social/ cruising sailing or organised racing.
– Whilst the club takes steps to minimise risks, it is not possible to remove risk. The actions of a member or the public may introduce new risks or the likelihood of a risk. Members should always act in a manner to reduce risks to others
– Participation in outdoor activities can involve a degree of risk and the decision to go afloat rests with the individual participant. Those participants not under direct instruction shall, having taken due regard of the prevailing conditions, their level of experience and their state of health, make their own decision to undertake the activity at their own risk; they should also give due regard to the safety of others at all times.
– All accidents and near misses must be reported & recorded in the club’s accident record book that is located in the first aid cabinet in the galley.
– Any damage or faults with club equipment or premises must be recorded in the Bosun’s book.
– During all organised sailing a powerboat shall be in a position ready to be deployed
– During all club dinghy racing and RYA training a minimum of 2 powerboats shall be launched and their operation checked. Radios shall be used for shore-to-boat communication.
– During cruising / informal sailing – it is highly recommended that a powerboat is placed in the water ready to be deployed.
– Powerboats will only be used for providing safety cover and training, they are not to be used for joy-rides. No person under the age of 16 shall drive a boat unless they are under the direct supervision of a person over 18 holding at least a RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate.
– No person under the age of 16 are allowed on-site without supervision from a parent or nominated guardian who is aged over 18. Those members aged 16-18 may use the club without a parent/guardian being on-site as long as the parent/guardian is aware of their presence at the club and can be contacted at all times. This parent/guardian remains responsible for and the actions of the young members
– Anyone afloat must wear a type approved buoyancy aid or life-jacket
– Boats may only launch if: i) there is a manned powerboat available; or ii) buddy sailing is organised, i.e. another person in a second boat sailing in the same area, or ashore in sight and prepared ready to launch if required. All persons in this situation must have a fully charged mobile phone and know how to call for help.
– Wetsuits or drysuits must be worn between 1 November and 31 March by all sailors
– Members must have a method to contact emergency services if required – the club has no phone
– Emergency Information – Our OSGrid reference SU750754, Address – Sonning Eye, South Oxfordshire, RG4 6TT
– Swimming is not allowed in the lake