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Update: 18/09/2023

Summer Series completed

The Summer Series has just finished with 16 entries over the 11 weeks. The results are:
Tuesdays: 1st Mike Caton, 2nd Steve Sharp, 3rd Ron Vass
Fridays: 1st Newton Anthony, 2nd Mike Caton, 3rd Ron Vass
The Julian Horner Trophy was sailed w/c 4th September with 12 entries
1st Mark Payne, 2nd Ron Vass, 3rd Ron Killestein.
We are sailing the Autumn Series, which will continue to November.Tight racing

Spring Series results

The Spring Series has been completed with:

Tuesdays: 1st Mark P, 2nd Ron V, 3rd Mike C
Fridays: 1st Newton A, 2nd Mike C, 3rd Ron V
The full results are on the Model yachts section of the member’s website.
Mark Payne has proved to be a worthy competitor and in so doing, has raised everyone else’s competitive instincts.
The Commemorative Trophy is the next event, followed by the Summer Series.

Review of 2021

Close racing
Close racing

At the 2020 AGM a model DragonForce 65 (DF65) yacht was shown to spark interest in the membership to join the model yachting group. It set a seed in some minds, that model yachting could be a very sociable pastime and offered a different approach to sailing, especially for those who had spare time during the week. The Covid pandemic and lockdown accelerated interest such that a DF65 fleet of eight skippers were competing by the end of 2020 and currently nine are in regular attendance. Unfortunately the One Metre fleet has declined, due to skippers retiring on health grounds and newcomers finding it difficult to buy low cost second-hand yachts; the new ones are too expensive and on long delivery lead-times.

Spring – TuesdaysIOM4Lionel CRon KBryan V
 DF659Ron VNigel LPeter R
Spring – FridaysIOM3Lionel CRon KBryan V
 DF657Newton AMike CRon V
Summer – TuesdaysIOM3Lionel CBryan V 
 DF659Mike CRon VPeter R
Summer – FridaysIOM3Ron KBryan V 
 DF657Mike CRon V 
Autumn – TuesdaysIOM3Lionel CRon KBryan V
 DF659Nigel LMike CPeter R
Autumn – FridaysIOM3Ron KLionel CBryan V
 DF657Mike CPeter RRon V
Commemorative TrophyDF654Ron VPeter RAlistair S
J HornerIOM2Lionel CBryan V 
 DF653Ron VMike CAlistair S
KingfisherDF658Newton AMike CNigel L

The Future
To encourage more people to join the model yachting fleets. The DF65 yacht (with standard sized sails) can be bought complete for about £270, including the radio and a couple of hours of assembly time, there are alternatives from other suppliers. We even have a spare boat you can try.
Perhaps create a DragonFlite96 (DF95) or RC Laser fleet for those who like larger craft as well as finding more IOMs to sail. We sail on Tuesday and Friday mornings, but other days would be considered.
Remember sailing from the shore means you don’t have to change and get your feet wet, unless it is raining!
Thank you “fleet” for your enthusiasm; great sailing in 2022.

Growth of the DragonForce 65 fleet

Great news about the DragonForce 65 fleet. The model yacht was shown at this year’s AGM, with an interest from four people and has grown to eight enthusiastic skippers and may be more models joining after Christmas.

Current series results: –

2018 IOM Kingfisher Trophy

The results

All the past results are here


December 2018

The last event in 2018 was the Kingfisher Trophy, which was won by Ron K. He drew with Chris H, but had significantly more wins than Chris.

Most of the group, find standing in the cold, not pleasant so we still meet to drink coffee and chat at a local cafe. Sailing will recommence on Tuesday, 5th February 2019.

The season’s  greetings to all!

November 2018

The IOM Autumn Series has finished (see results above). It was unfortunate that several days were lost due to either no or too much wind.

September 2018

  • The IOM Summer series final results have been published with Jerry C, Ron K and Chris H, being in the top three for Tuesdays and Lionel C, Chris H and Jerry C for Fridays.
  • For the J Horner Trophy, sailed in the first week in September, Jerry C and Lionel C tied for first place with Jack R coming third.
  • Sailing in the middle of the month had been curtailed by high winds and really lumpy ‘seas’.

June 2018

  • The Commemorative Trophy was sailed on the Tuesday only as on the Friday there was no wind so congrats to Ron K for his win.
  • We’ve started the IOM Summer Series, which will run through to the end of August.

May 2018

  • At last we are sailing in May. John E and Jack R have shown sparkling performance recently and we welcome back Jerry C, so the competition at the front of the fleet is getting intense.