18/03/2012 Spring Series 1

Start of a new series. Some new faces turned up to rig their boats, did they know where their boats were ?   Did they know where the boat park was???????  
The start line was on Tatona, so there was plenty of wind and a balanced start line.  You could tell Monica was back ,she was shouting at her fellow Europe Paul.  You never hear the Laser mob shouting like that!!!!!!!  Anyway everyone started the race . The last to start was Steve in his 505, where was Lynne ??????  I think Steve wished he had her on board.  The wind was changing all the time. It wasnt going to be an easy race.  The leg between 7 and 6 was very testing. The whole fleet bunched up and poor ole Steve took an early bath!  I bet he wished Lynne was on board too.
The final results will be published on the results page of the website.

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