Gillette Series 13 – 10th July 2019

It was another lovely Wednesday evening with a light wind 7-10 mph from the SW. Rick decided to keep the course to himself in case he wants to use it again, but it must have been fairly short as they got four laps in!

At the end of the first lap Karen crossed the line just ahead of Ellen, both in Lasers. It was 90 seconds before Mark (Laser) crossed in 3rd place nor far ahead of Newton and Steve in Solos. John H (Laser) and Curtis (Laser) crossed together just in front of Dave & Ann (Leader) with Nigel and Hugh in two more Lasers on their transom.  About 20 seconds later along came Jeremy (Laser), Chris H (Comet), Sally & Stuart (Leader) and Paul H (Laser) battling for 11th spot and they were about 20 seconds ahead of Chris & Carol in their Sport 14. It was another minute before Dean & Nick (Vago) hove into view and they were about 30 seconds ahead of Alicia (Radial), Rhys (4.7) and Ron in his Mirror. Then there was quite a gap back to Jemima in her Oppie who was having a good battle with Katie in her Topper and bringing up the rear was Rich in his Wanderer.

On the second lap, no change in the first four, but Curtis had moved up two places to 5th and Hugh was up four places to 6th (family fireworks coming up!). Nigel had passed Dave & Ann to move up to 8th and Dean & Nick had passed Chris & Carol to gain a place and Rich retired on this lap.

Again, no change in the first four on the third lap, but Hugh had passed Curtis to take 5th place and John H moved up four places to 7th. Further back Paul H gained a place by passing Sally & Stuart and Katie had passed Jemima. Rhys, Ron, Katie and Jemima all received the finish gun at the end of the lap.

Still no change in the positions of the first four on this last lap, but guess what Curtis had repassed Hugh!  Nigel and Dave & Ann crossed the line together for an equal 8th spot and Dean & Nick made up one more place, passing Sally & Stuart. The final order on the water was –

1st Karen; 2nd Ellen; 3rd Mark; 4th Newton; 5th Curtis; 6th Hugh

On corrected time this will become –

1st Jemima; 2nd Karen; 3rd Ellen; 4th Newton; 5th Mark; 6th Chris H

Thanks to Rick and the OOD Team, but unfortunately none of their names was entered on the race sheet. (OODs make sure you get your names on the sheet or you might be allocated another duty – not that is any great hardship on a nice sunny evening!)

I think the rota had Ann, Bob L, Cecilia and Caroline G – so thank you if you turned out.

Summer Series 6 – 30th June 2019

Quite windy this morning with a WSW blowing 12-16 mph, which enabled Richard S to set a long beat down to 3 then2, 4, 8, 6, 7 and back through the start. We had a new fleet this morning (well a small fleet of two!), when Paul & Nev turned out in a RS200.

Pursuit Race

There were 15 starters, but we lost Dean & Nick (Vago) on the first lap, not sure of the reason for their early departure. Early starter Ron (Mirror) was first back across the line with Phoebe (Oppie) still hanging on to 2nd place, but Paul & Nev were fast approaching with Mark (Laser) behind them. Dave & Ann (Leader) were managing to stay ahead of the chasing pack, but their rear view mirror was full of the second RS200 with Newton & Ellen on board. At the gun the order was –

1st Paul & Nev; 2nd Newton & Ellen; 3rd Dave & Ann; 4th Jon (Laser); 5th Karen (Laser); 6th Adrian (Rooster)

Handicap Race

The fleet was down to 12 for the second race as Dean & Nick did not reappear and Jamie H decide to sit this one out. It was still very windy and turned out to be a two-lap affair.

First back through the line were Paul & Nev closely followed by the other RS200 of Ellen & Newton with Dave & Ann going well in the windy conditions in 3rd place. Not something you see very often with the three leading boats all being double handers. Adrian came through in 4th place just ahead of Karen, who was only 10 seconds ahead of Rick in another Laser.  Mark was 7th with Jon and Chris H (Comet) battling for 8th place. Two minutes later Ron crossed in a lonely 10th place as he in turn was about two minutes ahead of Emily (Topper) with Phoebe gamely battling on at the rear of the fleet and receiving the gun at the end of the lap.

Only 20 seconds between the two RS200s at the finish, but Paul & Nev had kept their nose in front to take the victory. There was a bit of shuffling about behind them for the next places with Adrian gaining one place to move to 3rd and Mark gaining three places up to 4th. Jon passed Rick to move up a place, but the order of the first six was –

1st Paul & Nev; 2nd Ellen & Newton; 3rd Adrian; 4th Mark; 5th Karen; 6th Dave & Ann.

On corrected time the first two keep their positions, but Mark moves up to 3rd with Dave & Ann 4th and Adrian and Ron were equal 5th.

Thanks to Richard S and the OOD Team of Andrew & Son, Chris, Issy, Roland L and Sam.

Gillette Series 12 – 3rd July 2019

It was a lovely evening tonight; the sun was out and there was a light 8-10 mph from the N (well swinging NW to NE). Mike A used a Tektona start with a first beat to A (middle of the lake our from 8) then 5, 2, 4 and back through the start.

Mike Tr (Laser) got a flyer and led Hugh (Laser) by 30 seconds at the end of the first lap. Karen (Laser) was 3rd, not far ahead of Mark (Laser) who was 20 seconds ahead of Chris H (Comet) and Dean & Nick (Vago). Rick (Laser) came through on his own in 7th place (he seems to like that position) with Chris A (Solo) about 20 seconds further back with Dave & Ann (Leader), Richard H (Laser), Mike T (Laser), and Sally & Stuart (Leader) in a close group just behind him. A minute later Ron came steaming through in his Mirror taking tactical advice from Tahlia his granddaughter (Why did you do that? Does waggling that make any difference?) Adrian (Vago s/h) was close behind trying to pick up some tips!   Jemima the ace Oppie sailor was next across the line followed a minute later by Chris & Carol in their Sport 14, but without Alfie to give them some woof idea of what to do next.

At the rear of the fleet Rich F (Wanderer s/h) and Phoebe (Oppie) were enjoying their own battle.

By the end of the second lap Mike had increased his lead and Karen had passed Hugh to move up to 2nd place. Dean & Nick moved up two places, just pipping Mark across the line having earlier got past Chris H. Rick was still 7th, but he had lost his kicker (boom fitting sheared off). No change in 8th, 9th and 10th places, but Sally & Stuart had got ahead of Mike T to move up a place. Adrian moved up a place by passing Ron & Tahlia and Chris & Carol moved up a place by passing Jemima.

No change with the first two on the third lap but Mark gained two places by passing Hugh and Dean & Nick, but they retained 4th place as they also passed Hugh (can you follow that?). Chris H was steady in 6th place and Rick was still 7th, but his hat blew off! Fortunately, he had just lapped Phoebe who was coming in to finish her second lap and she very kindly retrieved it for him. Phoebe received the gun at the end of her lap in appreciation of her selfless act. Chris A, Dave & Ann and Richard H were maintaining 8th, 9th and 10th positions and the only change behind them was Jemima retaking Chris & Carol.  Jemima, Chris & Carol and Rich F all received the finish gun at the end of this lap.

At the end of the fourth and last lap the first six remained in the same order. Rick was still 7th, but his   

knicker string was now drooping badly (we thought the moon had come out ! – no sorry it was his kicker string). At last in the middle of the fleet there was some movement as Dave & Ann had passed Chris A to move up to 8th and Richard H had disappeared after a slight contretemps with Sally & Stuart around A, then he went for an early beer and Mike T pipped the Leader over the line by a whisker. Adrian had suddenly got going and had caught Ron and crossed the line four minutes ahead of him (looks like he found the weed brake).   

The final order was – 1st Mike Tr; 2nd Karen; 3rd Mark; 4th Dean & Nick; 5th Hugh; 6th Chris H

On corrected time we have a tie for first place between Mike Tr and Jemima with Chris H moving up to 3rd, Karen down to 4th, Ron & Tahlia up to 5th and Mark down to 6th.

It’s all ups and downs at RSC!

Thanks to Mike A and the OOD Team of Monica, Carlo, Nigel L, Phil M and Steve D (who stepped in at the last minute).

Thames Valley Challenge 2019

The Thames Valley Challenge is a three boat junior team racing event sailed in RS Fevas. It is an exciting Junior competition between clubs from local sailing clubs and schools.

This year a team from Reading SC Youth and Juniors won the Thames Valley Challenge team racing event on Saturday 29th June at Silverwings SC.

8 races were sailed with Reading SC winning 7 of them! A very hot day but with perfect wind after the first race which was a drifter.

Our young sailors were Ben, Rhys, Emily, Katie, Thomas, Lucy and Phoebe. 

Karen’s own words express it best –

OMG! We won!!!! So proud of you all, you were a credit to the club.  

Your behaviour on the water was exemplary and you sailed well. A few silly mistakes but you obviously learnt from them as the day went on because you got better and better and truly deserved the win.

You are all truly a credit to Reading SC. 

Hugh, Suzi, Sam, Andrew, Deb, John thank you so much for your support today I couldn’t have done it without you. 

Well done to you all and thanks to the parents and for supporting them.


James our Commodore adds –

My congratulations to the Reading Team, the coaches Karen and Hugh and the supporters for the fabulous Thames Valley Challenge 1st place win at Sliverwings yesterday.  Just reward for all those hours of practice. 

This is a proud moment for Reading Sailing Club, and we all join in congratulating Karen and her team and our young sailors.

Very well done to all of you.

Gillette Series 11 – 26th June 2019

Quite a breeze tonight coming from the NE about 14 mph. Mike Tr used a Tektona start with a first beat down to X (middle of lake just past 5) then 5, 9, 2, 3 and back through the start.

There were 19 starters with some close racing throughout the fleet. Ellen (Laser) was first back across the line followed by Mark and Karen also in Lasers. Newton (Solo) was 4th just ahead of Ralph (Laser) and Steve S in another Solo. Then there was a really tight bunch with Richard H (Laser) leading Rick (Laser), Will (Radial), Dave & Ann (Leader), Mike C & Sam (Wanderer), Joe (Radial) and Jeremy (Laser). About 30 seconds later Dean & Nick (Vago) crossed the line not far ahead of Paul H (Supernova) and Jewels (Mirror) way way ahead of Ron in his Mirror who was behind Emily in her Topper! Last but not least and never to be counted out was Jemima in her Oppie.

The second lap saw no change with the first two, but Newton and Ralph had both got past Karen to move up to 3rd and 4th.  Steve was still in 6th position but Rick had moved up one to 7th and Dave & Ann and Mike C & Sam gained two places to move up to 8th and 9th. Will and Joe in their Radials were having a great battle for 10th spot, but they had been caught by Paul H who crossed the line abreast with Joe. Ron had caught Emily to move behind Jewels and they had both passed Jeremy. Dean & Nick retired on this lap.

By the end of the third lap Ellen had increased her lead at the front with Ralph moving up two places to 2nd and Karen regaining a place by passing Mark. Steve was still 6th and Rick was still 7th. Further back Paul H moved up by passing Will and Joe, Jeremy regained a place and Ron crossed the line just ahead of Jewels.  Emily and Jemima received the gun at the end of the lap.

No stopping Ellen on the final lap as she finished two minutes ahead of Ralph in 2nd and Mark repassed Newton and Karen to take 3rd place.  Steve was still 6th and Rick was still 7th !  Richard H regained two places as did Jewels who repassed Ron and Jeremy.

Some good close racing tonight and the final order on the water was –

1st Ellen; 2nd Ralph; 3rd Mark; 4th Newton; 5th Karen; 6th Steve S

On corrected time guess who takes the win? Jemima gets 1st place again with Ellen 2nd and Newton 3rd. Jewels takes 4th place ahead of Ron in 5th and Ralph slips down to 6th.

Thanks to SOOD Mike Tr and the OOD Team of Bob H, Caroline G, Chris S and Patrick C.  

Gillette Series 10 – 19th June 2019

Well it was a bit pleasanter tonight than last week, at least there was a light wind 6-8mph from the West and no rain! Steve S set a first beat down to 3 then 9, 5, 6 and back through the start.

Dean & Nick (Vago) having won last week decided to give everyone a chance this week by contriving to capsize on the way to 9 on the first lap (something about the tiller extension going in and out and not doing much – sounds like a trombone to me!). Newton (Solo) was first back through the start followed by the Lasers of Karen, Mark and Hugh. Peter R (Enterprise s/h) was next through in 5th place closely followed by Chris H (Comet), Curtis (Laser) and Dave & Ann (Leader) and they were about 30 seconds ahead of Chris A (Solo) and the recovering duo of Dean & Nick. Another 30 seconds and a motley bunch came across the line close together, led by Mike A (Lightning), gardener Richard H (likes gathering up weed on his Laser), Mike C & Sam (Wanderer) and Paul H (Laser). About a minute further back Nigel L (Laser) was trying to get clear of Ron (Mirror), easier said than done! Then came the girls Jemima (Oppie), Sally & Stuart (sorry Stuart should have said and the boy!) in the second Leader and last but not least Emily in her Topper.

On the second lap Karen passed Newton to take the lead with Mark still in 3rd place (well he was moving slightly! Peter R moved up to 4th at Hugh’s expense and Dean & Nick gained four places to move to 6th (they had to keep moving to dry out). The only other movers were Sally & Stuart who had passed Jemima.

At the end of the third lap there was no change in order for the first four, but Dean & Nick were up one more place to 5th. Chris H and Dave & Ann were also up one place to 6th and 7th and Mike A gained three to move to 8th. Richard H moved up two places by passing Curtis and Chris A. Further back Nigel passed Paul H with Jemima and Emily both gaining a place due to the retirement of Sally & Stuart.

On the fourth lap Karen increased her lead slightly but the order of the first four remained the same. Chris H and Dean & Nick were locked in battle for 5th place and crossed the line abreast. Dave & Ann were going steady in 7th (and have been going steady for quite a few years now). Richard H was on a roll and gained two more places moving up to 8th passing Mike A and Hugh in the process. Curtis retired from 12th place and Mike C & Sam and Paul H, keen to claim the position, crossed the line together. Jemima also retired on this lap, so Emily gained two places and received the gun at the end of the lap. Ron also received the gun at the end of the lap, and he was lucky as the wind was dropping!

It took everyone slightly longer to complete the last lap, especially those towards the rear of the fleet as they got the worst of the dying breeze. Karen increased her lead and Mark took 2nd place from Newton with Peter R in 4th. Chris H just managed to draw ahead of Dean & Nick to snatch 5th spot. Mike A passed Richard H and Dave & Ann to move up two places to 7th and Paul H and Nigel both got past Mike C & Sam who took the lanterne rouge and probably needed it as dusk was falling!  Chris A could not stand the excitement and retired before the end of the lap.

The final order on the water was –

1st Karen; 2nd Mark B; 3rd Newton; 4th Peter R; 5th Chris H; 6th Dean & Nick

On corrected time the order changes to –

1st Karen; 2nd Newton; 3rd Chris H; 4th Mark; 5th Ron; 6th Peter R

Thanks to Steve and the OOD Team of Ann D, Bob L, Caroline G, Jill G and Mike T. hite’>

Summer Series 5 – 23rd June 2019

With a light E to NE wind James opted for a Tektona start with the firs mark A (near 8 but further out into the lake) then 5, 9, B (going towards 2) 4 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

There were 17 starters this morning and early starter Ron (Mirror) was still leading at the end of the first lap with Chris H (Comet) in 2nd place, Sally & Mike C (Leader) 3rd, Will (Radial) 4th, Newton & Ellen (RS200) 6th and Mike A (Radial) 6th. At the gun the final order was –

1st Chris H; 2nd Newton & Ellen; 3rd Ron; 4th Sally & Mike C; 5th Will; 6th Jess (Laser)

Handicap Race

Jess (Laser), Peter R (Enterprise), Dave P (National 12) and Paul H (Supernova) all decided to give the second race a miss, so the fleet was down to thirteen. James tweaked the course to A, 5, 9, X (on the buoy line down from 5), B, 3 and back through the start.

First back though the line was Karen (Laser) closely followed by Ellen & Newton (RS200) then there was quite a gap back to Jon (Laser) in 3rd place. He led a very close pack consisting of Mike C & Sally (Leader), Jamie H (Laser), Rick L (Laser), Chris A (Solo) and Jeremy (Laser). This group stayed pretty well together for the whole of the race exchanging pleasantries as they rounded the marks! Chris H (Comet) was next across the line in 8th place followed about a minute later by Will and Mike A in Radials, then Ron (Mirror) and Cecilia (Radial).

At the end of the second lap there was no change in the first three, but Rick was up two places to 4th (his holiday must have revitalised him) and Chris H was up four places to 5th.  Chris A gained a place to move to 6th and Will did the same to move to 9th place. Everyone else maintained station or slipped back, probably more slipping back than staying put!  Cecilia received the gun at the end of this lap.

On the last lap Ellen &Newton managed to get past Karen to cross the line in 1st place. Jon and Rick held their places, but Will gained four places and took 5th spot with Chris A hanging on to 6th. Jamie H regained a place to move to 7th and Mike A passed Jeremy.

The final positions on the water were –

1st Ellen & Newton; 2nd Karen; 3rd Jon; 4th Rick; 5th Will; 6th Chris A

On corrected time this should change to –

1st Ellen & Newton; 2nd Karen; 3rd Ron; 4th Chris H; 5th Will; 6th Chris A

Thanks to James and the OOD Team of Bea, Ferdinando, John H and Nev.

Summer Series 4 – 16th June 2019

It was quite a wind this morning, blowing SW 10-16 mph, but very gusty. Richard S set the first mark as X, then 2,4,9,5,6,7 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

There were just 11 starters, which perhaps was not surprising being Father’s Day (some of us were down the pub having a Sunday roast!)

At the end of the first lap early starter Jewels led the old man both in Mirrors,  Jon (Laser) was 3rd and Newton & Ellen (RS200) were 4th despite a capsize rounding 9. Dave & Ann (Leader) were 5th and being rapidly caught by Julian B (D-Zero) and at the gun Julian had caught and passed everyone to take 1st place. The final order was –

1st Julian; 2nd Newton & Ellen; 3rd Ron; 4th Dave & Ann; 5th Jon; 6th Adrian (Rooster)

Handicap Race

Ralph and Karen (who had both retired in the earlier race) decided to give this one a miss, so the fleet was down to nine. Richard shortened the course taking 3 and 2 out and using 4 as the first mark.

Ellen & Newton were first back through the line not far ahead of Jon in 2nd place and Julian in 3rd. Adrian came though in 4th about 30 seconds ahead of Dean & Nick (Vago) and they were a minute ahead of Ron who was a minute ahead of Jewels. Chris H (Comet) was battling away at the back of the fleet.  The conditions were probably even trickier for this second race and Mike C & Sally (Leader) gracefully retired.

The only change on the second lap was Adrian passing Julian to move to 3rd and the only changes on the third lap were the retirements of Julian and Chris (who missed a mark).  The two Mirrors of Ron and Jewels were finished at the end of this lap.

There were no surprises on the last lap and the final order on the water was –

1st Ellen & Newton; 2nd Jon; 3rd Adrian; 4th Dean & Nick and one lap down 5th Ron and 6th Jewels.

On corrected time this becomes –

1st Ellen & Newton; 2nd Ron; 3rd Jon; 4th Dean & Nick; 5th Jewels; 6th Adrian.

Thanks to Richard S and the OOD Team of Alistair J, Alistair S and Richard H, that could have led to some confusion but they coped admirably.

Gillette Series 9 – 12th June 2019

Well it was a pretty miserable night with persistent rain and very little wind. There was quite a discussion on the sun deck (really) as to whether it was worth going out. Eventually there was a sort of domino effect and we finished up with a fleet of eight, just when Ellen thought she might escape SOOD duty! There were various motivations for going out, Jemima, Newton and Ron were in with a chance of Series points towards the top of the leader board. Sally & Stuart went out because Dave & Ann went out and they needed to keep tabs on them in the Leaders’ own competition. Rhys and Hugh went out in a Feva to give Rhys some double handed sailing and Dean & Nick and Mike A went out because they were daft enough to do so!

The wind was supposed to be about 5 mph from the ESE, but it was less than that and what there was coming from all over the place.Ellen wisely set a short course with a first mark as X (roughly halfway between 6 and 7) then A (going up towards the buoy line), B (about halfway between the buoy line and 8) then 8 itself and back through the start. This was basically a box course in the hope that somewhere you would get a beat or a reach or a run at sometime!

It turned out to be a two lap race and Mike A (Lightning) led at the end of the first lap followed by Dean & Nick (Vago), perhaps not as daft as they look! They had ousted Newton from his early 2nd place.  Five minutes later Dave & Ann (Leader) came through in 4th, about two minutes ahead of Jemima (Oppie) in 5th. Then Ron (Mirror) and Rhys & Hugh (Feva) crossed the line one minute apart in 6th and 7th.   At this point Sally & Stuart had not long crossed the start line and were hoping for a stiff tail wind.

On the second lap Dean & Nick and Newton were inexorably closing Mike down and they both (well all) passed him on the way down to 8 with Dean & Nick drawing away at the front. They crossed the line about four minutes ahead of Newton. Meanwhile Mike had got stuck at 8 and eventually crossed the line seven minutes behind Newton and only three minutes ahead of Dave & Ann in 4th place (which was a close finish on a night like this). Further back the boys (and the girl) were in bother as the wind had now disappeared! It took Ron about 10 minutes just to round 8 and he finally crossed the line in 5th place about thirteen minutes after Dave & Ann. At the back Jemima and Rhys & Hugh demonstrated remarkable perseverance crossing the line ten minutes after Ron, but giving us a thrilling finish with only five seconds between them. Sally & Stuart pragmatically decide to retire, which was just as well as otherwise we would be taking breakfast out to them!

Order on the water was- 1st Dean & Nick (which may be a first ever?) 2nd Newton; 3rd Mike A; 4th Dave & Ann; 5th Ron; 6th Jemima; 7th Rhys & Hugh

On corrected time the only change is Jemima changing positions with Ron.

Congratulations to the Jones boys, pity it was not a cup race, as last year they finished third in three series and got nowt!

Thanks to the very wet Ellen and OOD Team of Graham K, Kate T, Nick J, Nigel L and Simon B.

Well for some of them not quite as wet as Ellen moved to the flagpole adjacent to the clubhouse and was able to officiate under cover. This caused some consternation on the water when the finishers could see no sign of life around the start flagpole and thought everyone had packed up for the night!   

Gillette Series 8 – 5th June Correction

Apologies to all, but a mistake in reading the elapsed race times led to an error in the reported result.

The positions on the water were correct and as follows- 1st Ellen; 2nd Karen; 3rd Mark; 4th Dean & Nick; 5th Rick; 6th Ed

However, on corrected time the positions should be –

1st Jemima; 2nd Ellen; 3rd Karen; Equal 4th Mark and Steve S; 6th Ed; 7th Chris H; 8th Dave & Ann.

Also, thanks to Nigel who was missed from the OOD team names..

1 2 3 81