Cobley Series 2020 – 25th October

It was a pleasant morning with a SSW wind around 12 – 15 mph. Mark B set the first mark as 2 then 4, 9, 5, 6, 7 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

The Comets of Aileen, Sally and Chris H were first away along with Emily in her 4.7. Then the next group was Will (Solo), Dave & Ann (Leader) and Karen (Radial) followed by the Lasers of Alistair and Ralph and the Vago of Dean & Nick with Paul R last away in his Aero 7.

At the end of the first lap Chris H was leading with Dave & Ann up to 2nd place with Karen in 3rd.

On the second lap Paul came through to lead with Dave & Ann and Karen keeping their positions with Chris H down to 4th andEmily and Ralph level in 5th place.

At the gun, the final order was – 1st Paul; 2nd Dave & Ann; 3rd Karen; 4th Ralph; 5th Chris H; 6th Emily.

Handicap Race

Nick T joined the second race bringing the fleet up to 12.

At the end of the first lap Paul (Aero 7) led across the line with Karen (Radial) about 30 seconds behind just in front of Ralph (Laser). Dave & Ann (Leader) came through in 4th place just 15 seconds ahead of Chris H (Comet) in 5th place with Emily (4.7) only 10 seconds further back. Alistair (Laser), Dean & Nick (Vago) and Nick (Laser) crossed close together battling for 7th place. Next across the line was Sally ((Comet) in 10th place followed by Will (Solo) and Aileen (Comet).

On the second lap there was no change in order for the first four boats, but Emily, Alistair and Nick had got past Chris to move up to 5th, 6th, and 7th respectively. Sally gained a place by passing Dean & Nick and Aileen retired.

The third lap saw Paul cross the line two minutes ahead of Ralph who had passed Karen to move up to 2nd. Alistair gained a place by passing Emily and Dean & Nick regained a place by passing Sally. Sally and Will received the gun at the end of this lap.

At the end of the last lap the first four boats retained their positions, but Nick moved up to 5th by passing Alistair and Emily and there were no other changes.

The order on the water was –

1st Paul; 2nd Ralph; 3rd Karen; 4th Dave & Ann; 5th Nick; 6th Alistair.

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Karen; 2nd Paul; 3rd Ralph; 4th Emily; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Chris H.

Thanks to Mark, Ken, and Nigel for volunteering for OOD duty.

Cobley Series 2020 – 18th October

This week there was no wind when everyone turned up and there was not a lot of interest but then the wind filled in a little so they decided to venture out. The OOD volunteers today were Karen and Stuart and with a light shifty WSW wind they set a course of A, 8, 5, 6, 7 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

First away were Chris H, Nev and Sally in Comets followed by Dave & Ann (Leader) then finally the Lasers of Newton, Mark, Darren and Ralph.

At the end of the first lap the Lasers had caught and passed the rest of the fleet so Mark led from Newton, Darren and Ralph. Chris H came through in 5th place ahead of Nev with Dave & Ann 7th and Sally 8th.

At the gun the order was –

1st Newton; 2nd Mark; 3rd Ralph; 4th Darren; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Nev 

Handicap Race

Unfortunately the wind died off for the second race and it became a slow one lap affair.

The finishing order on the water was – 1st Darren; 2nd Ralph; 3rd Mark; 4th Chris H; 5th Newton; 6th Sally; 7th Jess; 8th Dave & Ann; 9th Nev.

On corrected time the order becomes – 1st Darren; 2nd Chris H; 3rd Sally; 4th Ralph; 5th Nev; 6th Mark.

Thanks to Karen and Stuart for running the races and as Karen recorded on the race sheet “Glad I was SOOD!”

Cobley Series 2020 – 4th & 11th October

4th October

Initially it was not quite as windy as forecast, but still strong enough to deter most from going out. Four Lasers decided to give it a go, three with full rigs and Ralph with a Radial rig.

Pursuit Race

With only Lasers out, this was a class time trial and the finishing order was – 1st Darren; 2nd Newton; 3rd Ralph; 4th Mike T.

Handicap Race

The wind increased for this second race and at the end of the first lap Darren led across the line followed by Mike T then Ralph in 3rd and Newton 4th.

On the second lap Mike T took the lead with Darren now 2nd and Ralph 3rd and Newton retired.

The order did not change over the next two laps of the race, so the final result was –

1st Mike T; 2nd Darren; 3rd Ralph.

Thanks to SOOD Chris H and Chris K and Dean for running the races.

11th October

It was a lovely morning with perfect conditions for sailing and as a consequence 17 boats turned out. Sam and Peter R were the OOD volunteers and set a course of 6, 9, 5, 8, 2 and back through the start line.

Pursuit Race

Phoebe was first away in her Oppie and then about 11 minutes later  the 4.7s of Emily and Rhys and the Comets of Chis H and Nev got away.

At the end of the first lap Karen (Radial) had come through to take the lead with Chris H (Comet) hanging on to 2nd place. Darren (Laser) was up to 3rd with Nev in the second Comet still 4th and Emily (4.7) 5th being caught by Newton (Laser).

Karen managed to retain her lead to the gun and the final positions were –

1st Karen (Radial); 2nd Darren (Laser); 3rd Richard S (Laser); 4th Newton (Laser); 5th Chris H (Comet); 6th James (Laser).

Handicap Race

At the end of the first lap it was a bit of a Laser shut out with the first six five boats crossing the line all Lasers, led by Mark then Newton, James, Ralph, Richard S and Chris K.

Next along in 7th place was Chris H (Comet) followed closely by Alistair (Laser), Karen (Radial) then about 10 seconds later the Lasers of Darren and Rick only 5 seconds ahead of Dave & Ann (Leader) and Dean & Nick (Vago).

Emily (4.7) and Nev (Comet) were less than 10 seconds further back, so it was close racing all down the fleet.

Just over a minute later Adrian B came through in his Crescent followed by Phoebe in her Oppie. (This may have been the first appearance of a Crescent in a race at RSC, so it extends  further the number of classes we have)

By the end of the second lap Newton had taken the lead (but only just) and the leading bunch of Lasers were still very close together and Chris K and Richards S actually crossed the line abreast.

Karen, Darren and Rick had all squeezed past Alistair and Emily had move up two places by passing Dean & Nick and Dave & Ann.

On the third lap there was no change in the position of the two leaders, but Ralph moved up to 3rd passing James and Karen moved up three places to 5th by getting past Chris K, Richard S and Chris H.

At the back of this battle Darren gained a place by also passing Chris H. Behind them Dave & Ann more than made up the places lost on the previous lap by repassing Emily and Nev and also getting past Rick. In this melee Nev inched ahead of Emily beating her across the line by just one second! (showing my age here but centimetred ahead just does not sound right!)

At the end of this lap Adrian B retired and Phoebe received the hooter.

The fourth lap saw James regain 3rd place from Ralph by just 4 seconds at the line. No change in places 5 to 8, but further back Dave & Ann gained another place to move to 9th and Alistair and Rick were having a real ding dong with Alistair first across the line on this lap and both of them getting past Chris H.

At the end of the last lap Newton crossed in 1st place not far ahead of Mark who had pushed him all race long. Darren gained two places to move up to 6th, Rick and Chris H repassed Alistair and behind them Emily repassed Nev, so there was close racing and lots of changes in position all race long.

The final order on the water was –

1st Newton; 2nd Mark; 3rd James; 4th Ralph; 5th Karen; 6th Darren.

On corrected time this becomes –

1st Newton; 2nd Mark; 3rd Karen; 4th James; 5th Ralph; 6th Chris H.

Thanks to Sam and Peter for volunteering for the OOD duties.

Cobley Series 2020 27th September

Cobley Series    27th September 2020

Before the racing there was a lot of debate and prevaricating as to whether to venture out or not. The conditions initially were not that bad, but the forecast was for 30 mph gusts and it was nothing like the tee shirt and shorts weather we had the previous week. It was going to be a shock to the system!

Pursuit Race

In the end 8 boats ventured out with Rick and Newton deciding to go for Radial sails, although racing on their full rig handicaps. 

Ralph set a course of 6, 4, A, 5, 8, S with a well angled start line from the shore.  Mark A was positioned near Tektona (that’s the buoy not a person!).

Emily and Chris led off first in their slower handicap boats several minutes before the Lasers set off to hunt them down. Mark was over enthusiastic in this endeavor and was over the line at the start and had to return. Emily had got away well and had a reasonable lead as the others headed down wind to 4. By now the forecast had started to fulfil its promise and Mike T, Chris and Newton were hit by a substantial gust. Newton just about managed to control it but Mike and Chris both capsized losing them a lot of ground by the time they had recovered. Newton continued on his quest to catch Emily, but it never looked likely before time ran out. Emily finished first with a comfortable lead. Congratulations to her in winning her first adult race. 

The finishing positions were – 1st Emily – 4.7; 2nd Newton – Laser; 3rd Mike T – Laser; 4th Mark – Laser; 5th Chris H – Comet; 6th Rick – Laser

Handicap Race

Dean and Nick were out in the Vago in the first race, but decided to give the second a miss. Dean remarked “it’s not nice out there”)

It was close racing at the front with Mike T leading Mark by just 2 seconds at the end of the first lap. Rick crossed the line 30 seconds later in 3rd place and he was just 7 seconds ahead of Newton in 4th. Then there was quite a gap before Chris H came though in his Comet followed by Thomas in a Radial and then Emily in a 4.7.

On the second lap Mike had drawn away from Mark who dropped back and was briefly passed by Newton who had moved up to 3rd when Rick came to grief on the second lap with a broken tiller extension.

Thomas moved up a place by passing Chris and Emily unfortunately capsized getting her mast stuck in the mud!

No change with the positions of the first two on the third lap, but Newton capsized also embedding his mast in the process allowing Thomas to move up to 3rd place.

The fleet was now down to just the four boats and as there were no changes in position on the final lap the order on the water remained 1st Mike; 2nd Mark; 3rd Thomas; 4th Chris

On corrected time Chris pips Thomas for 3rd place, but a 4th place position in these conditions was very creditable.

Sally “kindly” asked Newton why his hair was wet on his return to shore! (he really wanted a shampoo and set but had to settle for a wet rinse)

Thanks to Ralph and the OOD team of Darren, Dave & Anne.

Overall, in the Series, the Pursuit is led by Newton with Mark 2nd and Mike T 3rd. The Handicap leaders are the same three but Mark leads from Newton with Mike T 3rd again and all in Lasers.  


We have prepared a short survey to gather your views as a member. The results of the survey will provide us with a blueprint for deciding how we move forward, so it’s really important you (and your family) let us know how you feel: it will allow you to tell us what you like about the club and do not want to change; it will also tell us what directions we can go in to ensure the club continues to develop in the right way and in the interests of the members.

The survey link is it will remain open only until Sunday 12th July.

This is your chance to tell us your views. We are listening. And we look forward to hearing what you’ve got to say.

Will Stevens, Commodore

Ski Shed Life Buoy

The life buoy ring, next to the ski sheds, is missing from its housing, presumed stolen/borrowed. Until I replace it, the next nearest one is attached to the club deck, lakeside.

Mike Caton, Bosun




Following the period of Covid-19 lockdown, Reading Sailing Club will be open for limited sailing activities from Saturday May 16th. It is hoped that this next Phase will be the first of several that, in line with HMG and RYA directives, over time will lead to resumption of full sailing activities. In the meantime, these Guidelines are intended to allow all members of the club to go sailing again, and to ensure we all stay safe and healthy.


Until further notice, you will be able to sail your own boat, kayak or paddleboard on a “buddy-sailing” basis at any time. Model Yachters are permitted to assemble in groups of not more than 2 people. You are also at liberty to visit the club to carry out boat maintenance and repairs at any time, and for any duration.


The RYA recommends we limit the numbers of people sailing. To start with there will be a limit of five people per hour arriving at the club to sail, and a limit of two hour’s activity. This allows for a total of ten boats either sailing or being rigged or de-rigged at any time.

We are asking you to pre-book your time slot, and to arrive and depart the club promptly. A booking system is available at

To arrange buddy-sailing you are invited to join the WhatsApp group:

If you intend to sail please do not turn up at the club unannounced.


First of all the Government guidelines on social distancing must be followed to the letter, and you should be scrupulous about hand-washing. Needless to say, if you or a member of your household are showing symptoms of Covid-19, do not come to the club for any reason. Stay at home, get better, and come and see us when you are fit.

The best guidance you can follow is to be self-sufficient during your time at the club: turn up in your sailing kit, bring all your gear with you, have a hand-sanitiser in your car, bring water and refreshments and a small first-aid kit, a bag to take home your rubbish, and ensure you have a buddy to sail with. Make sure there is space by pre-booking your preferred time-slot.

There will be no rescue boats on the water for the time being, so make sure you are comfortable with the weather conditions appropriate to your level of experience. Be aware of other sailors on the water, and be prepared to assist if they get into difficulties. We strongly advise everyone to fit a masthead float.


all outside areas, ski-shed, Mirror-shed.
the first aid kit in the galley


Red Shed, Rescue boats, Club boats
Clubroom, changing rooms, Galley, refreshments, drinking water,
Training Room
Club gear (buoyancy aids, etc) radios


Over the last few weeks the Club Committee has spent many hours looking at the risks and opportunities available to us. Our aim has always been to provide a safe and healthy sailing environment consistent with RYA guidelines. At the end of the day, though, it will be the duty of all members to act responsibly and with courtesy to others. We will not have thought of every eventuality, and as a volunteer-run club we rely upon you to make sensible decisions, and consider the well-being of other club members.

It is to be hoped that, in the light of our experience over the next couple of weeks, we may be able to cut back on some of the limitations, and extend everyone’s enjoyment. Your feedback will help us do that.

Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy your sailing.

Will Stevens, Commodore

RYA Sail at Home

I hope you and your family are all well in these challenging times.

As you will be aware there is currently no on the water delivery being run by the RYA, however, we are extremely passionate about providing remote learning opportunities for us to learn together at home in the coming months.

We are excited to tell you about our remote learning schedule that will be offered to all levels of the programme over the coming month. 

We have variety of topics, and activities planned for you, which will allow you to develop you’re on the water knowledge and hopefully connect with fellow sailors from the comfort of your home or garden.

We are initially planning a 12 week programme, after this we will review the Covid 19 government’s recommendations. Our remote learning will start this Monday 30th, please see below the detailed overview of our next 2 weeks:

Week 1 (week commencing 30th March)

Day Time: Session Title: Aim/ Learning Outcome: Delivery Platform
Monday 30th 11:00 Motivation Monday Show – Luke Patience and Saskia Sills Motivation and strategies for dealing with adversity YouTube Live
Tuesday 31st 11:00 Tune in Tuesday: Met & Tide with Simon Rowell (BST Meteorologist) Winning with the forecast YouTube Live
Wednesday 1st 11:00 Workout Wednesday  Introduction to Physical Preparation for Junior Sailors, plan for next 12 weeks for workout Wednesday  YouTube
Thursday 2nd
Saturday 3rd   11:00   Super Saturday – VR racing Live VR racing Intro
Connect with fellow sailors on the Virtual Regatta inshore game.

All sessions will be screened on the British Sailing Team YouTube channel:

It is our intention to introduce you to Virtual Regatta racing on Saturday, if you are not sure what it is all about, please watch the video below:

We will be covering more of this on the Saturday session.

Lastly we are passionate about uniting the sailing community in these challenging times through the opportunities and sessions that we are planning to provide over the coming months.

We hope you will join us for all sessions and we look forward to further evolving the schedule as we all learn together from home.

If you have any questions on the schedule, please get in touch.

Kind regards,


Beth McKellar

Performance Operations Co-Ordinator

British Youth Sailing Team

Thanks to Karen for providing these details.

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