Junior Regatta 11th June 2023

Sunday afternoon 11th June saw the first Junior Regatta of the year, it was sailed in very warm conditions but at least there was a gentle breeze! With a few missing due to injury, illness and overrunning cricket matches, 10 children took to the water in two fleets – Oppies and Toppers. 

Toppers started each race first and sailed several laps of a triangular course, with the Oppies starting two minutes later and sailing a slightly shorter triangular course with a shorter beat and a few less laps.

Fleur sailed extremely well to win all four Topper races! 

The Oppie fleet was a little more mixed. Race 1 saw all the Oppies quite close together initially before Milo took the lead and kept it to the end, Alex was ahead of Molly at the end of the first lap but she managed to overtake him before the end of the race, they were closely followed by Harry. 

Race 2 saw Milo racing ahead and opening a big lead, Molly was in 2nd place at the end of the first two laps but Oliver was slowly creeping up the fleet 4th at the end of the first lap, 3rd and the end of the second and 2nd by the end of the race with Molly finishing 3rd, closely followed by Alex. These four had sailed so well they lapped the rest of the fleet!

Race 3 saw Milo starting at a different end of the line to everyone else and just sailing away from the whole fleet! Everyone else was consistent with Oliver maintaining 2nd place throughout the race and likewise Alex in 3rd. Molly was usurped by younger brother Fergus, who despite only starting to sail this year took 4th place leaving her to take 5th.

Concentration was beginning to go, all the children were now very warm, and the course was changed slightly due to the wind shifting so Race 4 saw a few more position changes. This time Molly was the one to sail away from the rest of the fleet, keeping her 1st place to the end of the race. Fraser finished the 1st lap in 2nd place followed by Alex, but on the final lap Alex followed by Milo both managed to get past Fraser.

Karen presented the Junior Topper trophy to Fleur, with Rohan in 2nd place. The Junior Optimist Trophy was presented to Milo, with Molly in 2nd place and Alex in 3rd.

Huge thanks to Jess and Richard in the Committee boat running the races, and to Karen and Paul who were coaching where it was needed.

Whitsun Pennant – Monday29th May

The Whitsun Pennant took place on bank holiday Monday 29th May with some challenging conditions for the competing boats.  After three short races Darren was clearly the winner with three boats, Ralph, Mike T and Chris K, tying for second place. The RYA rules were applied providing the following                                                                                       finishing positions. 

1st Darren (Radial)

2nd Mike T (Laser)

3rd Chris K (Radial)

Spring Series 2023

The Spring Series came to a close on 21st May after 12 closely contested races.  The results were as follows:-

SPRING PURSUIT –           1st Chris H (Comet)

                                                2nd Newton & Sam (RS 200)

                                                3rd Karen (Comet)

SPRING HANDICAP          1st Chris H (Comet)

                                                2nd Newton & Sam (RS 200)

                                                3rd Aileen (Comet)

18 different classes of boat took part in this series with 8 Lasers, 4 Radials, 4 Comets, 2 RS200s, 2 Mirrors, 2 Toppers a Leader, Rooster, Aero7, Blaze, RS300, Morbic, 470, British Moth, Miracle, Solo, 4.7, and an Avon Scow.


Wednesday Evening Racing Commodore’s Cup

The 8 race series of the Commodores Cup came to an end on Wednesday 7th June. 

Congratulations go to

1st Emily (Laser Radial)

2nd Newton & Sam (RS 200)

3rd Chris H (Comet)

Spring Series 2023 early races

Sunday 5th March saw the start of the Spring Series with the usual format of a pursuit race followed by a handicap race.

After two races, Steve Sharp-Blaze and Newton & Sam-RS200 are level on points in the Pursuit series  with  Chris H-Comet in third place.

In the Handicap series Steve was first across the finishing line in both races, but on corrected time the leader is Chris H with Newton & Sam in second place and Steve in third place.

It was good to see Paul Waterman back on the water in his Morbic after his recent health problems.

Frost Bite Series 2023 Final Places

This series finished at the end of February with just five races sailed due to the vagaries of the weather and there were 24 competitors over the series.

The Pursuit series was won by Chris Kilshaw-Radial with Chris Hilson-Comet in second place and Darren Ballard-Laser in third.

The Handicap series was won by Newton Anthony & Sam Shears-RS200 with Chris Kilshaw in second and Chris Hilson third.

Aileen Moore was the only person to sail all five races, so well done to her.

Frostbite Series 2023

Frostbite Series

There have now been four races with a steady increase in numbers. Last Sunday 19th February there were 17 competitors.

The Pursuit race was won by Steve Sharp in his Blaze with Richard Stanley- Laser in second place and James Primrose Laser in third. Overall, Chris Hilson-Comet is leading the series with Chris Kilshaw Radial in second place and Darren Ballard Laser in third place.

The Handicap race was won by Richard Stanley with Newton Anthony & Sam Shears in the RS200 coming in second and Mark in an Aero 7 in third place. This series is led by Newton & Sam with Chris and Darren lying second and third.

RSC Sunday 18th December – Racing Cancelled

Unfortunately, racing is cancelled again this Sunday as the lake is frozen solid, apart from a small area by the buoy line around 5.

SOOD Karen attempted to break the ice near the slipway on Friday and could not even make a crack, so there is absolutely no chance of it melting by Sunday morning. 

Sorry about this but Happy Christmas everyone. 

Twilight Race 7th September 2022

The forecast was for a SSW wind of 11 mph, but this was only occasionally correct and by the end of the race there was very little wind! Karen prudently set a nice figure of eight short course using B (on the way to 5), A (on the way to 8), 6, 7 and back through the start line.

There were 15 starters and at the end of the first lap Rhys/Laser was leading from Mark/Laser and Newton & Sam/RS200. About two minutes later Ron/Miracle and Steve/Solo came into view and they were a minute ahead of Emily/Radial and Mike A/Lightning. Next along in 8th place was Jamie H/Laser followed by Alessandro & Matt/470. Nearly two minutes later Will P/Radial crossed the line and he was two minutes ahead of Hattie/Laser, Then another two minutes later Jess & Milo in a Feva came through and they were followed by Phoebe/Topper, Jorge & Theo/Marlin and Andrew & Molly/Mirror.

The positions on the water became quite confusing as the light faded as some only completed one lap, some two laps and others three laps.

It was evident that Newton & Sam had taken the lead by the end of the second lap with Rhys and Mark in 2nd and 3rd places. Ron was still in 4th place, but Emily was up to 5th ahead of Steve and Mike A.  Jamie H retired from 8th place through lack of wind and Will P passed Alessandro & Matt.  Hattie, Jess & Milo, Phoebe and Jorge & Theo and Andrew & Molly received the hooter at the end of their second laps, but some of the leaders had actually finished their third laps by this time.

On the third lap Mark had passed Newton & Sam and finished about a minute ahead of them. It was getting quite difficult to see some of the marks in the gloom and Karen and Aileen must have been on the carrots to see the boats crossing the line. Alessandro & Matt retired somewhere on this last lap, but it was easier to spot them because of their magnificent display of lights.

The finishing order on the water was –

1st Mark; 2nd Newton & Sam; 3rd Rhys; 4th Ron; 5th Mike A; 6th Emily; 7th Steve; 8th Will P

On corrected time Ron moved up to 2nd place, but the order of everyone else remains the same.

Alessandro & Matt and Jorge & Theo were stand outs in the contest for the best lit boat (well done lads). A close decision which just went to Alessandro & Matt.

Thanks to SOOD Karen and the race team of Aileen Moore, Leo Coppens, Nigel Lacey and Stuart Cook.

After the race had finished there was a torrential downpour, but fortunately everyone apart from Alessandro & Matt had managed to pack their gear away!

Summer Series 12         4th September 2022

With a SSE wind about 11 mph Ron used a clubhouse bank start with a course of 2, 9, 3, 4, A (between 6 and 7) then 6 and through the start line.

Pursuit Race

There were 16 starters this morning and with the light wind and longish course it was more or less a one lap race before the 35 minutes elapsed. Jamie MF/Laser retired as his outhaul came loose and Chris K/Radial also retired (reason unknown), although there were a number of capsizes.

The final order was – 1st Newton/Solo; 2nd Chris H/Comet; 3rd Mike T/Comet; 4th Darren/Laser; 5th Mark/Laser; 6th Richard/4.7.

Handicap Race

Ron shortened the course to 2, 9, 5, 6, S.

There was some excitement just before the start when the fleet became very agitated, waving of arms and slapping of hulls. It turned out that a Blaze which was not racing had capsized near 4 and the mast had gone under the buoy line making it impossible for the helm to right the boat. The start sequence was already underway, but the SBs managed to extricate the Blaze before the fleet reached the capsize site!

First back across the line was Newton/Solo just ahead of Darren/Laser, James/Laser, Chris H/Comet, Jamie H/Laser, Mike T/Comet, Mark/Laser and Adrian/Rooster with all of these within one minute of each other. The just 30 seconds later Rick/Laser crossed in 9th place just ahead of Jamie MF/Laser and Richard/4.7. Then it was over six minutes before the Sadler family flotilla came through with Becky/Pico leading Will and Frances in their Toppers. Frances received the finish hooter and Theo/Solo and Alessandro & Matt/470 retired on this lap.

On the second lap Darren took the lead with Newton in 2nd place and Mark was up four places to 3rd. Adrian was up two places to 6th, Richard had passed Jamie MF and Will was just ahead of Becky and these three received the gun at the end of the lap.

At the end of the last lap Darren crossed the line in 1st place with Mark passing Newton to take 2nd place. James retained 4th place, but Adrian gained another place to cross in 5th with Chris H gaining two places to finish in 6th place pushing Jamie H down to 7th.   Mike T was steady in 8th place with Rick and Richard finishing in 9th and 10th places.

After finishing Richard gave a very nice demonstration of a dry capsize (didn’t know he could still get his leg over so quickly!)

On corrected time the order becomes – 1st Darren/Laser; 2nd Chris H/Comet; 3rd Newton/Solo; 4th Mark/Laser; 5th Mike T/Comet; 6th James/Laser

Thanks to SOOD Ron Vass and the race team of Aileen Moore (still sitting out whilst her bottom is being reshaped), Ken Pope, Mike Arnott and Nigel Jenkins.

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