Spring Series 2 – Race Report

Course Xp 6p 5p 9s 4p 2p 3p S

Senior OOD was Ken, ably assisted by his team with Steve helping out.

The start line was on Tektona, as the wind was off shore.  Hugh, in his Topper, didn't quite make it out to the start line in time for the 6 minute starter.  Monica, in a club Pico, enjoyed the start of the race, but was seen being towed back to shore as the lure of grandchildren was greater than the race itself.

There were 22 boats across the line, all struggling with little breeze.  Dave I did particularly well in the light winds – perhaps the pink hat had something to do with it.

The Jolly Sailor spied someone who nearly capsized, but will spare their blushes by not identifying them.

Meanwhile, Ken's pink fleet influence was too much in the Thompson Leader.  A change of helm, hitting a buoy and some sunbathing? 

1st David C in Laser
2nd Ian in Super Nova
3rd Chris in Laser

The club was buzzing all afternoon, as sailors enjoyed the unusually good weather, finishing with a barbeque at dusk.

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