11th March 2012

28 boats  were rigged and took to the water.  The course was an interesting one. The wind kept on switching which made the start line very testing. 28 boats fighting for the best position near the jetty. The chances of a collision was very high.  The Jolly Sailor could hear Steve shouting and Roger keep clear but there was no where to go!  The relief on the sailors and O.O.D. s was clearly shown when the start horn went and everyone sped off to the first mark. A lot more shouting at the first mark, were we going to experience another collision??????    Thank fully this didn’t occur. 
Jon managed to pull away from the rest sailors into a commanding lead.  This wind had a habit of disappearing and reappearing on another part of the lake.  The winner was going to win this on more luck than skill!    David and Rowland was snapping at Jon heels. Were they going to catch up or not.
The wind was still playing silly games. David and Rowland caught Jon up but they left the remaining sailors for dust!   What have they got in their boats which the other haven’t got??????????
Anyway the O.O.D s put the sailors out of their misery and finished the race.  Rowland managed to sneak ahead of Jon and David.  So the final positions were 
1st  Rowland      2nd   David       3rd     Jon.     
 Ater the race The Jolly Sailor could hear the other sailors teasing Rowland when he said it was the first race he had won. They said it was because he was very lucky and not skill!
Thank you everyone  for the soup and bread. The sailors have been very grateful over the Frostbite Series.
On Sunday its the start of the Spring Series.  Pursuit race starting 10 .30.

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