17th July Cup Race 2022

It was a lovely hot sunny morning with a SW wind about 12 mph and there were just nine starters for three races, each of two laps with each lap averaging about 12 minutes.

Race 1

The winner was Steve S in his Blaze with Karen/Laser in second place and Newton/Solo in third. However, there were only 8 minutes between the first and last boats, so on corrected time this will change!

Race 2

Newton won this race with Karen again second and Chris H/Comet in third place. This time there was only a four minute gap covering the fleet.

Race 3

Steve S dropped out, so the fleet was down to eight and Karen upped her second spot to first place with Newton down to second and Rick/Laser appearing on the podium in 3rd place.


When the number were crunched the podium positions were – 1st Chris H/Comet; 2nd Newton/Solo; 3rd Karen/Laser

The order of the rest of the fleet was – 4th Chris K/Radial; 5th Ron/Mirror; 6th Aileen/Comet; 7th Rick/Laser; 8th Mike C/Solo with Steve S/Blaze only sailing two races.

It was remarkable that the first five were all sailing a different class of boat.

Thanks to SOOD Mike Trussler and the race team of Alessandro, Bill Coulter, Catriona Clark and David Knight.  

We are going to have a whip round for Chris H as he is running out of silver polish for his trophies! Congratulation on yet another Chris.