Summer Series 3         26th June 2022

It was blowing a hoolie this morning, SSW 18 mph with gusts well into the 20s!

SOOD James P set a course of A, B, 2, 4, 9, 5, C, 6 and back through the start, which sounds interesting but cannot tell you the location of  A, B and C.

Pursuit Race

There were 15 brave starters and at the end of a lap the early starter young William S/Topper was still leading from Hadey/4.7 (good to see Hadey racing again after a long break due to injury – thought she might have chosen a calmer day to make a comeback!). Chris K/Laser was 3rd with Chris H/Comet 4th and Paul R/Aero in 5th. The old strong wind maestro Jon/Laser crossed in 6th place and Aileen/Comet was hanging in there in 7th ahead of Richard S/Laser and Mike T/Comet.

However, this does not tell the whole story as there were numerous capsizes and the list of retirees contained some illustrious names, Adrian/Rooster (pushing his luck with that big sail!)Darren/Laser,  Dave L/Radial (wondering what he was doing out there), Karen/Laser, Newton/Solo, Steve S/Blaze.

Newtons rudder blade snapped clean into two pieces just below the tiller attachment and he found himself sailing down the rowing strip on the wrong side of the buoy line, only to meet Steve and his Blaze who were tethered to the buoys! Steve had capsized close to the buoy line and in righting the boat dipped one of his wings under the line and eventually had to be dragged out backwards!

While this drama was being played out the remainder of the fleet was battling on and at the 35 minute gun the final order was –

1st Hadey; 2nd Jon; 3rd Paul R; 4th Chris H; 5th Chris K; 6th Richard S; 7th William S; 8th Aileen; 9th Mike T.

Great result for Hadey in her comeback race and well done to young William for battling on..

Handicap Race

James tweaked the course for the second race to A, B, C, 4, 9, 6, 5 and not surprisingly after the carnage of the first race, the fleet was down to 7 starters.

Paul/Aero was first back across the line followed 30 seconds later by Steve S/Blaze (who despite his first race mishap was up for another go at the elements!). Jon/Laser crossed in 3rd just four seconds behind Steve with Chris K/Laser a minute behind them with the Comets of Chris H, Mike T and Aileen battling for 5th place.

Lap 2

The first three were holding their positions but Chris K retired letting the Comets of Chris H, Mike T and Aileen up to 5th, 6th and 7th.

Lap 3

At the end of this lap Jon came through 10 seconds ahead of Paul with Steve still in 3rd place. Further back Mike had got past Chris H to move up to 4th and Aileen retired.

Lap 4

Paul regained the lead by repassing Jon and Steve also managed to pass him to cross in 2nd place with Mike T and Chris H retaining their positions to finish 4th and 5th.

On corrected time the only change in the order is Jon taking 2nd place from Steve.

1st Paul/Aero; 2nd Jon/Laser; 3rd Steve/Blaze; 4th Mike T/Comet; 5th Chris H/Comet.

Well done to everyone who sailed whether they finished or not.

Thanks to SOOD James Primrose and the race team of Doug Hughes, Mustafa Nimet, Nathan Osney, Nigel Lacey and Sally Newlove.