Gillette Series 4 – 29th June 2022

 It was a pleasant evening with a South wind of about 10 mph and SOOD Sally set the first beat to A (just past Tektona’s old mooring), then B (down towards No 1), 5, C (middle of the lake and back through the start line.

Lap 1

Karen/Laser was first back across the line followed closely by Newton & Sam/RS200 and they stayed close together in these positions for the whole of the five laps of the race. Ed/Aero 5 came through in 3rd place some 30 seconds ahead of Jamie H/Laser. Steve & Rick/RS200 crossed in 5th place not far ahead of Emily/Radial and Roland/Solo who crossed the line together in the battle for 6th place. Next along came Dave & Ann/Leader not far ahead of close bunch led by Chris H/Comet then  Mike A/Lightning, Mike T/Comet, Alessandro/Aero 7 and Aileen/Comet. Then there was a trio of Lasers, Nigel, Alistair and Jeremy battling for 14th place with Paul H/Supernova just 20 seconds further back. At the back of the fleet there was another trio, but Mirrors this time, with Ron slightly ahead of Russell and Andrew (great to see the Mirror racing fleet increasing) with Chris M and crew Anthony & Puja in the Sport 14 caught up in the Mirror battle.

Lap 2

Dave & Ann had a good lap moving up five places to 3rd with Ed, Emily and Roland enjoying a good tussle behind them. Nigel also gained five places moving up to 9th passing Aileen, Alessandro and Mikes T and A. There were no other changes behind this group.

Lap 3

Emily was the prime mover on this lap, advancing three places to 3rd. The other movers (in the right direction) were Nigel, Alistair, Jeremy and Paul H all gaining two places to move to 7th, 11th,14th and 15th respectively. Basically this bunch had caught up with the boats ahead of them and started making a nuisance of themselves! Andrew/Mirror retired at the end of this lap.

Lap 4

Dave & Ann passed Emily to regain 3rd spot. Ed and Jamie H were steady in 5th and 6th places and Roland had moved up one place to 7th by passing Steve & Rick who actually crossed the line abreast with Nigel. Chris H crossed the line in 10th place followed by Mike A who had gained two places by retaking Alessandro and Alistair.

(Alistair might have something to say about tacking in front of him!) Jeremy also gained two places passing Alessandro and Paul H. At the end of this lap Jeremy, Alessandro, Alistair, Paul H, Aileen, Mike T, Ron, Chris M & Puja & Anthony and Russell all received the hooter.

Lap 5

Karen and Newton & Sam crossed in 1st and 2nd places and Emily had repassed Dave & Ann to take 3rd. No change with 5th and 6th but Steve & Rick had won the battle with Nigel and Roland to cross in 7th place. Alessandro, Alistair and Jeremy all gained a place relegating Mike A to the lanterne rouge!  

The final order on the water was – 1st Karen; 2nd Newton & Sam; 3rd Emily; 4th Dave & Ann; 6th Jamie H; 7th Steve & Rick; 8th Nigel

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Karen/Laser; 2nd Emily/Radial; 3rd Chris H/Comet; 4th Newton & Sam/RS200; 5th Dave & Ann/Leader; 6th Ed/Aero 5; 7th Roland/Solo; 8th Jamie H/Laser

Thanks to SOOD Sally Newlove and the race team of Carol Meunier, Chris Smith, Hadey Lines, Janos Ratkai, Monica Beer and Thomas Mearns.