Gillette Series 3 – 22nd June 2022

With an ENE wind varying from 8-12 mph, SOOD Rick set a course of D (near No 1), 4, A (middle of lake), C (between 3 and 4 on the buoy line) and back through the start.

There was a good turnout of 20 and first back across the line was Darren/Laser followed 30 seconds later by Mark/Laser. Newton & Sam/RS200 were through in 3rd place with Dave & Ann/Leader in 4th just ahead of Roland in his Solo. Not far behind them were Karen and Ralph in Lasers followed by Alessandro & Matt/470. Then there was a gap of two minutes before Paul H/Laser crossed in 9th place and he was about one minute ahead of Nigel/Radial in 10th. Mike T and Aileen in Comets crossed the line together battling for 11th place with Emily/Radial close behind them.

A minute later Mike Todd/Laser (good to see you back on the water Mike) and Sally/Comet were split by only three seconds. Then came the scrap at the back of he fleet with Ron/Mirror leading Cecilia/Radial (good to see you on the water as well), Rich/Comet Duo, Russell/Mirror (another welcome addition to the Mirror racing fleet!) followed by yet another Mirror  Sail No 3518 (but no name on the Declaration Sheet).

We’ll soon have more Mirrors than the Palace of Versailles!

Lap 2

Same first two, but Karen and Ralph were up to 3rd and 4th and Emily gained five places to move to 8th. Mike T/Comet was up two to 9th and further back Rich gained a place by passing Cecilia. Mirror 3518 received the gun at the end of the lap.

Lap 3

Darren still led but Karen was now up to 2nd place pushing Mark down to 3rd. No change with 4th to 9th positions but Alessandro & Matt had regained two places to move to 10th. Nigel and Paul H continued their battle.

Lap 4 (and last)

No change in the first five positions but Newton & Sam passed Dave & Ann to take 6th place and Aileen gained a place by passing Paul.

The order on the water was 1st Darren; 2nd Karen; 3rd Mark; 4th Ralph; 5th Roland; 6th Newton & Sam.

On corrected time the first five retain their positions but Dave & Ann take 6th place away from Newton & Sam.

Thanks to SOOD Rick and the race team of Angus Nairn, Claire Davies, Hadey Lines and Steve Sharp.