Summer Series 2         19th June 2022

First, apologies to the Race Team of last Sunday as I omitted to thank you for your efforts in running the race. So many thanks to SOOD Richard Stanley and the team of Aileen Moore, Alessandro Michea, Bill Coulter, Hadey Lines, Ian Hall and Matt Baxter. We cannot run the races without the OOD Volunteers, so thank you again.

So back to today and with a NE wind about 8-12 mph, I guess SOOD Ron had a challenging task of setting a course with the wind in this direction. Posterity will never know as it was not recorded on the race sheet and as I was in Scotland the wind there would bear little resemblance to Berkshire!

Pursuit Race

There were 17 starters this morning and it was good to see some old faces returning, Mike Newlove out with Sally in his Leader, John Windass in his Laser. Also welcome to Chris Wharmby, in another Leader, joining the racing fleet for the first time.

At the end of the first lap there was an odd mix of boats leading the race, but the whole fleet was pretty close together. Earlier starting Newton/Solo was in front with later starting Karen/Laser behind him, then Chris W/Leader was going well in 3rd place being chased by last man away Paul R in his Aero. Then it was Chris K/Laser, Mike & Sally/Leader, Darren and Jamie/Lasers, Dave & Ann/Leader!

Aileen was the only Comet out today and erstwhile Comet sailor Mike T was out in an Enterprise with hid old 470 buddy Alessandro. It is only a matter of time before Mike T makes his debut in an Oppie!

At the gun the order was – 1st Newton; 2nd Karen; 3rd Paul; 4th Chris W; 5th Richard S; 6th Chris K  

Handicap Race

The wind had increased and become gustier for this second race.

First back across the line was Darren/Laser followed closely by Steve/Blaze. Then there was a long gap before Newton/Solo came through in 3rd place and not far behind him was Adrian in his big sail Laser/Rooster. Karen and Jon were next through the line in Lasers and there was another long gap before the Lasers of Jamie and Richard S crossed fairly close together battling for 7th place. Then along came the battle of the Leaders with Mike & Sally ahead of Chris W and Dave & Ann with Aileen reluctantly getting involved! Bringing up the rear of the fleet were John W/Laser, Nigel/Radial and Mike T & Alessandro/Enterprise. Paul R and Chris K retired on this first lap.

Lap 2

Steve took the lead from Darren and Adrian took 3rd place from Newton. The order of the leaders remained the same, but John W and Nigel both moved up two places to 11th and 12th.

Lap 3  

Steve retained his lead on the water to cross the line in 1st place with Darren still second and Adrian 3rd. Karen passed Newton to cross in 4th place and Richard S gained two places to move to 6th. Jamie was steady in 7th place and John W gained another two places to cross in 9th place. Mike T & Alessandro avoided the lanterne rouge by catching and passing Aileen.

The order on the water was – 1st Steve; 2nd Darren; 3rd Adrian; 4th Karen; 5th Newton; 6th Richard S

On corrected time this changes to – 1st Darren/Laser; 2nd Newton/Solo; 3rd Karen/Laser; 4th Steve/Blaze; 5th Jamie/Laser; 6th Mike & Sally/Leader

Thanks to SOOD Ron Vass and the race team of Andy Steele, Jewels Vass, Mike Caton and Russell Harrison.