Commodore’s Cup Race 6 – 18th May 2022

A fairly light SSE wind about 5-8 mph which dropped during the evening. SOOD Dave L made liberal use of the letter buoys resulting in a course of B, C, 4, D and back through the start (and your guess is as good as mine as to where they were located!)

Twenty starters tonight and first back round was James C/RS300 already a minute and a half ahead of Steve S & Rick/RS200 followed by Newton & Sam in another RS200.Ralph/Laser was 4th in touching distance of the leaders and nearly two minutes ahead of Mike T/Laser, who was closely followed by Chris H/Comet and Karen/Laser.  Next along were Roland/Solo and Emily/Radial who crossed the line together battling for 8th place. Nearly two minutes later Alessandro & Matt/470 crossed in 11th place just ahead of Sally/Comet. Then there was another wait of two minutes until Aileen/Comet crossed 30 seconds ahead of Rich/Comet Duo and Jamie H/Laser and they were being chased by Ainhoa, Paul H and Jeremy, all in Lasers. Bringing up the rear was Paul W/Morbic and he was well ahead of the Mirrors of Ron and 3518 (which may have been Uriel Susanne Clausen).

Lap 2

Not much changed with the leading six boats, but Roland was pressing Karen for 7th place as they crossed the line together. Further back Paul H had gained two places by passing Ainhoa and Jamie. Paul W and the two Mirrors received the hotter at the end of this lap.

Lap 3

James C crossed the line well ahead of everyone else having led from start to finish, but the question would be was he far enough ahead to take victory on handicap.  Newton & Sam were second across the line with Mike T 3rd and Ralph 4th. Roland had won his battle with Karen to cross in 5th place.

On the water the order was –

1st James C; 2nd Newton & Sam; 3rd Mike T; 4th Ralph; 5th Roland; 6th Karen ; 7th Steve & Rick; 8th Chris H

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Chris H; 2nd Sally; 3rd Roland ; 4th Aileen; 5th Newton & Sam; 6th Mike T

A good night for the Comets and the Solo, but not so good for the faster rated boats.

Thanks to SOOD Dave L and the race team of Andre Eitner, Chris Andrews, Ian Stewart, Keith Baxter and Leon Skilling.