Frostbite Series 2 – 19th December 2021

This morning there was a gloomy mist and very little wind and as a result there were only six venturing forth.

It turned out to be a Comet morning with Aileen winning the Pursuit race and Chris H the Handicap race.

The Pursuit very nearly finished in the starting order as at the gun it was –

1st Aileen/Comet; 2nd Chris H/Comet; 3rd Roland/Solo/ 4th Chris K/Laser; 5th Emily/4.7 6th Newton & Sam/RS200

With very little wind the Handicap race was a one lapper and the finishing order was similar to the Pursuit, except that Chris won this one with Aileen in second place. Emily opted out but Paul W/Morbic joined in, but retired along with Newton & Sam leaving just four finishers.

1st Chris H; 2nd Aileen; 3rd Chris K; 4th Roland.

The order on the water remained unchanged on corrected time.

Thanks to SOOD Paul R, who managed to set a course despite the vagaries of the wind!  Thanks also to the race team of Andrew S, Angus N, Christine H, Paul D and Steve M.