November Cup – 14th November 2021

It was a cold wind of about 8 mph from the North this morning. Mark set a course of  Ap,  5p , 9s , 2s, S.Despite the cold there was a good turn out of 23 boats including James C with his RS300, a new addition to our mixed class fleet. As usual Lasers were predominant with nine boats out, then three Comets, two Solos, two Mirrors, a 4.7, RS200, Leader, Wayfarer, Vago, Morbic and a Partridge in a Pear Tree (no – that’s coming next month!).

James C in the RS300 led for every lap and he was so far ahead he lapped everyone else and consequently did one more lap than the rest of the fleet!

Aileen retired her Comet  after two laps and Lucy in a Laser and Paul W in the unique Morbic were finished after three laps.

Martin in a Laser received the gun after four laps, followed by three boats in a close finish, Sally in her Comet just ahead of Hilary & Chris in their Wayfarer and Rhys in the 4.7. Then it was the turn of the two Mirrors to receive the gun with Ron some way ahead of Christine.

Then the five lappers, who had been preceded by James C (who was sent round for another lap), came to take the gun with Richard S in his Laser leading Newton & Jasmine in the RS200 with Mike T in a Laser on their transom to take 2nd, 3rd and 4th places on the water.  Not far behind these Roland and Mike C crossed their Solos in 5th and 6th after enjoying a race long battle. The next three were close together with James P in his Laser leading Chris H (Comet) and Darren (Laser) across the finish line. Then along came the Lasers of Alessandro (abandoning his 470) and Alistair S who finished only 15 seconds apart, Behind them there was an even closer finish with Ainhoa in a Laser pipping Adrian in his Vago by one second!

On corrected time the final order was – 1st Chris H; 2nd James C; 3rd Roland S; 4th Mike C; 5th Richard S; 6th Mike T

Thanks to SOOD Mark Buckle and the race team of Bill Coulter, John Reekie, Matt Baxter, John Wakefield, James Morl and Thomas.