Cobley Series 9 – 7th November 2021

A cold blustery day but at least the sun was out! 13 boats started the pursuit race and SOOD Karen set a course starting at Tectona of Bp (between 3 and 4), 2p 9p, Ap (between 4 and 5), 1s.

Pursuit Race

Karen’s nephew Alex was visiting and led for most of the race in a club Topper. At the end of the first lap Ron in the Mirror was second, followed by Chris in the Comet, Rhys in a Radial, Roland in a reefed Solo, Jon who had gone down to a Radial, James still brave enough to go with the Standard (probably because Rhys had borrowed the Radial though!), Newton in the RS200 with Lottie crewing for him this week, Mike in a Solo, Ralph in a Radial, Adrian who had gone down to a Standard, Steve in a Blaze and Mike T and Alex bringing up the rear in the 470. 

The second lap got interesting with a few capsizes Rhys was the first to go – in backwards downwind, followed by the classic in again as soon as he was upright! James was mean enough to laugh as he sailed past too! Next to go were Newton and Lottie who well and truly dug the mast into the mud and needed rescue boat help to recover, Steve also took a dunking from the Blaze! All very entertaining for Karen and Bea on Tectona! 

Alex, followed by Ron were still out the front but Jon and James had worked their way up to 3rd and 4th. Roland held 5th, Chris dropped to 6th followed closely by the Mike/Alex, Ralph, Adrian, Rhys and Mike C and Steve. Newton was well back but did continue the race.

The end of lap 3 saw Jon and James getting past Ron, but Alex was still holding on to the lead. Roland was consistent in 5th followed by Mike/Alex, Adrian and Steve who really recovered well from his capsize. Rhys was still in 9th but Ralph had dropped to 10th, with Mike still in 11th with Chris back long way in 12th. Unusual to see but Newton /Lottie were last!

A short time before the end Jon and James finally passed Alex in the Topper but everyone else only changed up or down one place.

Final positions were Jon, James, Alex who as a visitor graciously retired meaning Ron finished 3rd.

Handicap Race

The Handicap race saw 15 starters – MikeC had had enough and gone in but Jeremy with Jazmine perched on the front and Chris K joined in their Lasers, along with Paul in the Mobic.

There was a little bit of pushing and shoving on the start line – Karen thinks a few more penalty turns should have been done!! The 470 of Mike/Alex came through in first place at the end of the first lap but promptly had to retire with a jib falling down! James and Jon were battling with Steve in the Blaze and Chris in the Laser very close behind. Roland, Ralph and Adrian were also very close followed by Newton/Lottie before a short gap to a battling Chris, Rhys and Alex. Jazmine was having fun on the front of Jeremys Laser but they really weren’t going well being only just in front of Ron. It is thought Paul in the Mobic might have got lost on route but he did eventually appear!

Lap 2 saw Rhys capsizing downwind again and retiring worn out! Chris had pulled through to the front, Jon and James were still battling joined by Steve who retired at the end of the lap. Adrian and Newton/Lottie pulled up a couple of places passing Roland and Ralph. Alex in the Topper was now in front of Chris who was perplexed as to why a Topper was in front of him – less so when he found out Alex was a relative of Karen’s! Ron got in front of Jeremy.

Lap 3 saw the Lasers changing places again with Jon followed by Chris and James with Newton/Lottie on his heels. Roland and Ralph were still together. Alex was still in front of Chris and Ron was still in front of Jeremy.

Lap 4 saw Jazmine falling off the Laser and Jeremy attempting to stop and wait for her to swim to him!! (Karen says she’ll teach you Man Overboard drill Jeremy!) When she finally arrived they retired. Jon was still in front, Newton/Lottie and Adrian had passed James. Ralph was just in front of Roland. Alex, Chris and Ron were finished as they were crossing just before and with the Lasers on Lap 5.

Finishing order on the water was Chris K, Jon, Newton, James, Adrian but calculated results saw Alex in the Topper taking first place before again retiring, with Chris, Jon and Newton retaining their on water positions for the first three places.

Thanks to Karen, Bea, Mike N, Hadey, Thomaz and Steve.

                                …..and thanks to Karen for this entertaining report