Cobley Series 8 – 31st October 2021

The morning started off very wet and very windy with a SSW wind of 13 – 20 mph and much stronger gusts coming through. There were only a few hardy takers with a fleet of just six for the first race.

Peter R set a first beat down to 3 then 2, 5, 7 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

Ron, first man away in his Mirror, was still ahead at the end of the first lap, but Darren (Laser) was fast approaching. Newton & Sam (RS200) were in 3rd place followed by Chris H (Comet), Alex & Mike T (470) and Ralph (Laser). At the 35 minute gun the order was – 1st Darren; 2nd Newton & Sam; 3rd Alex & Mike T; 4th Ron; 5th Chris H; 6th Ralph.

Handicap Race

Peter shortened the course by using 4 as the first mark rather than No 3, but the wind was still strong and gusty.

Ralph and Newton & Sam decided to finish early and only four made it to the end of the first lap. Darren led by 3 minutes from Ron with Chris H another 2 minutes further back and Mike T & Alex bringing up the rear.

Peter decided two laps was enough in these conditions and the final order on the water was – 1st Darren; 2nd Mike T & Alex; 3rd Ron; 4th Chris H.

On corrected time the order becomes – 1st Darren; 2nd Ron; 3rd Chris H; 4th Mike T & Alessandro

Well done lads for making it to the end!

Thanks to SOOD Peter Rose and the race team of Ferdinando, John Hayes, Rob Harrison, Roland Smith and Tom Adams.