Cobley Series 7 – 24th October 2021

It was a pleasant sunny morning with a 12 mph wind from the South, but it was quite gusty and as a result there were a number of capsizes. Sally, Christine and Martin turned out, but decided that the conditions warranted discretion and wisely sat it out.

Ron set a first beat to 2 then 5, 9, 7,3, 4.

 Pursuit Race

There were 13 starters and unusually the first four at the end of a lap were still in the same position when the 35 minute gun went. Mike C(Solo) crossed the line in 5th place but was only 4 seconds ahead of Newton & Lottie (RS200), who had just got past Chris H (Comet).  James (Laser) was about to pass Chris as well and Richard S in another Laser was chasing James.

Behind them, Alessandro & Mike T (470) crossed the line in 10th place just ahead of Adrian (Rooster).

Aileen (Comet), Jonas (Lightning – yes, we now have a fleet, well a pair anyway – some may say a right pair!) and Rick & Jon (RS200) did not quite make a lap before the gun sounded.

The final order was – 1st Roland (Solo); 2nd Dave & Ann (Leader); 3rd Ralph (Laser); 4th Chris K (Laser); 5th Newton & Lottie (RS200); 6th Richards S (Laser).

Handicap Race

Ron changed the course for the second race using 2, 5, 9, 7, 6. Newton & Lottie were first back across the line about 40 seconds ahead of Richard S in 2nd place. He was followed closely by Alex & Mike, Roland and James battling for 3rd place. About 20 seconds later there was a really close group led by Ralph, then Chris K, Adrian, Dave & Ann and Rick & Jon with only 3 seconds covering all six boats! I The remaining three were evenly spaced with Chris H ahead of Mike C and Aileen.

By the end of the second lap Alex & Mike had taken the lead with Newton & Lottie still 2nd, but Chris K had moved up four places to 3rd. James had gained a place by passing Roland and was now in 5th place. Ralph disappeared from 6th, presumably capsized then retired and Adrian remained in 7th place. Rick & Jon were up two places to 8th with Dave & Ann steady in 9th. Mike C had moved up to 10th spot by passing Chris H and Aileen received the gun at the end of the lap.

The third and last lap saw a very close finish to the race with Newton & Lottie cross the line just one second ahead of Chris K and only 15 seconds ahead of Alex & Mike in 3rd place. Richard S crossed the line on his own to take 4th place, but there was another very close battle for 5th with Rick & Jon gaining three places to pip James by a second. This surge of Rick & Jon pushed Roland down to 7th and Adrian to 8th with Dave & Ann in the 9th position they had held all race. Mike C finished 10th ahead of Chris H.

The order on the water was –

1st Newton & Lottie; 2nd Chris K; 3rd Alex & Mike; 4th Richard S; 5th Rick & Jon; 6th James.

On corrected time this becomes –

1st Chris K; 2nd Roland; 3rd Newton & Lottie; 4th Richard S; 5th James; 6th Rick & Jon

Thanks to SOOD Ron and the race team of Matt B, Patrick C, Doug H, Phil M, Carston P and Paul W.