Cobley Series 4 – 3rd October 2021

There was quite a stiff SW wind about 16 mph initially but getting even stronger and gustier by the time the second race started.

 Pursuit Race

16 starters this morning, which was good considering the conditions. Early starter Chris H (Comet) was leading at the end of the first lap, but Karen (Laser) was getting ominously closer. First man away this morning Paul W in his gaff rig Morbic was still holding onto 3rd place with Emily (4.7) in 4th, Sally (Comet) 5th and Paul R (Aero 7) 6th.

At the finish gun, the final positions were –

1st Karen (Laser); 2nd Paul (Aero); 3rd Emily (4.7), 4th Newton & Sam (RS200); 5th James (Laser); 6TH Chris K (Laser).

Well done to Jasmine in her Topper and Christine in her Mirror for hanging in there and finishing the race.    

Handicap Race

It was now time for the white horses to appear and Jasmine, Karen, Sally and Ken prudently decided to sit this one out.

It turned out to be a battle of attrition with only four boats completing all three laps. Chris K started off the fun with a capsize before the start and then was over the line at the gun!

At the end of the first lap, strong wind maestro Jon (Laser) was in his element and crossed the line well ahead of James (Laser) in 2nd place. Mark was through in 3rd place despite declining a gybe and Chris K was 4th (but not sure if he restarted or pressed on with his jump start). Newton & Sam (RS200) crossed in 5th place and Emily (4.7) and Alessandro & Mike T (470) were abreast across the line battling for 6th. Richard S (Laser) came through 10 seconds later in 8th place and he was over two minutes ahead of Chris H (Comet) who was the last of the survivors. Paul R called it a day because of the weed, Paul W’s mast came down and Christine retired before the end of the lap.

On the second lap Mark and Chris K retired to terra firma. Alex & Mike T capsized and retired from the race but decided to stay out and play with the white horses. Jon capsized but quickly got going again and was still ahead at the line. James who was in 2nd place suffered a death roll and Newton & Sam moved up to 2nd place with Emily just behind them in 3rd. Richard was through in 4th place about 30 seconds behind Emily and two minutes ahead of a recovering James who in turn was five minutes ahead of Chris H, who was pleased to get the gun at the end of the lap.

Richard retired on the last lap and at the gun Jon had increased his lead and crossed the line in 1st place with Newton & Sam taking 2nd spot with Emily 3rd and James 4th.

On corrected time the order becomes – 1st Jon; 2nd Emily; 3rd Newton & Sam; 4th James; 5th Chris H  

Thanks to SOOD Rick and the team of Lottie, Mike C, Gareth and Rich F (and possibly others who were not mentioned in despatches)