Sunset Shield 8 – 29th September 2021

Tonight, was nice and clear with a brisk wind from the West. The forecast was 10 mph, but it was stronger than that before the start, enough to prompt the race team to launch a third safety boat ! Sally used a Tektona start with the line parallel to the buoy line and the first mark was 4 then 3, A (behind the line) and back through the start.

There were 22 starters, a good turnout for the last evening race of the year. Darren (Laser) was first back across the line followed by Karen (using a Radial rig) and Mike T (Laser), then the Solos of Roland and Mike C. Ralph came through in 6th place (he was also going to opt for a Radial rig, but then found that he had not brought the sail with him!). Paul H in another Laser crossed in 7th, just ahead of Alex & Matt (470) and Rick & Steve (RS200). These double handers enjoyed a battle throughout the race.

We had a good mixture of young sailors and newer members contesting the remaining places. Thomas & Jasmine (Feva) were 10th followed by Ainhoa (Radial), Nick H (Laser) and Hattie (Laser). Aileen was next along in the only Comet out tonight and she had opted for a smaller sail as well. The following trio, Carston and Martin in Radials and Rich in his Comet Duo crossed very close together battling for 15th place. The came the battle of the Toppers with Lucy leading William S and bringing up the rear was Paul W & Steve of Goat Island fame in Paul’s Morbic and Jonas in his Lightning.

Actually, that was not the whole of the fleet as Nigel our Commodore turned up in the middle of the second lap to join the fray (not sure where he had been, but his Laser was fully rigged at 18.00!)

The movers on the second lap were Ralph up one place to 5th, Rick & Steve up one to 8th by passing Alex & Matt. Further back Nick H gained two places to move up to 10th and Carston gained three to move to 12th.

By the end of the third lap Darren still led, but Mike T had passed Karen to move up to 2nd place. Everyone down to the 12th place boat of Carston maintained their position and the only change further back was Rich F gaining four places to 13th.

Only the first nine went round for a fourth lap and at the line, the first three remained in the same order. In fact, the only change was Ralph passing Roland to cross in 4th place. Paul H had been a steady 7th for the whole of the race and Rick & Steve had eased away from Alex & Matt.

The final order on the water was – 1st Darren; 2nd Mike T; 3rd Karen; 4th Ralph; 5th Roland; 6th Mike C.

On corrected time the only change is Roland moving up to 3rd place.

Thanks to SOOD Sally and the race team of Catriona, Chris S, Nick J, Richard H, Russell H, Dave L and Mike A.

This was the final race of the Sunset Shield Series so congratulations to the series winner Karen.