Cobley Series 2 – 19th September 2021

With a SW wind about 6 mph Adrian set a first beat to 5, then 2, 8, A,9 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

There were 14 starters, the same as last week and Mike C (Solo) managed to stay ahead of the late starting boats to take 1st place. Newton & Sam (RS200) were 2nd with Roland in another Solo in 3rd place. Then the Lasers of Darren and Mark were 4th and 5th ahead of an earlier starting trio, Emily (4.7), Ron (Mirror) and Sally (Comet).

Handicap Race

Adrian tweaked the course for the second race, dropping 5 and using A for the first mark then 4, 2, 8 and through the start.

First back across the line were Newton & Sam (RS200) followed by Mike C (Solo), then Alessandro & Mike T going well in the 470 in 3rd place. Then a close group of three boats came along with Roland (Solo) just ahead of the Lasers of Mark and Darren. There was quite a gap before Ron (Mirror) crossed in 7th place followed 30 seconds later by Richard S and Alistair both in Lasers. Emily (4.7) and Aileen (Comet) were having a ding-dong for 10th spot with Sally (Comet) and Rick and Lottie (RS200) crossing the line abreast just behind them. The racing at the back of the fleet being more keenly contested than at the front! Last, but not least was Jasmine in her Topper, the youngest sailor out today and she received the gun at the end of the lap.

At the end of the second and last lap Newton & Sam crossed the line ahead of the fleet. Roland had moved up to 2nd place, but Alessandro & Mike T were still 3rd. Mark was up one place to 4th pushing Mike C down to 5th with Darren steady in 6th place, but it was very close with only 15 seconds covering the three of them. Richard S had gained a place by passing Ron to take 7th place and Rick & Lottie had also passed Ron and gained five places to finish 8th, they must have found the switch to the auxiliary motor! Alistair crossed next, just one second ahead of Emily and behind her Sally won the battle of the Comets by pipping Aileen.

The final order on the water was – 1st Newton & Sam; 2nd Roland; 3rd Alessandro & Mike T; 4th Mark; 5th Mike C; 6th Darren.

On corrected time this becomes –

1st Newton & Sam; 2nd Ron (old smoke & Mirrors does it again! 3rd Roland; 4th Mike C; 5th Mark; 6th Darren

Thanks to SOOD Adrian and the race team of Hadey and Christine.