Gillette Series 8 – 28th July 2021

It was quite frisky tonight with a 16 mph SW wind gusting to 25 mph. Mike A set the first mark as 5 then 4, 8, 6, 7 and back through the start.

There were 19 boats out tonight, but Alex & Matt in the 470 and Ru in the Lightning were just out to have a good time and enjoy the swimming!

Richard H (Laser), Peter A (Topper), Angus (Mirror) and Nick H (Laser) all got into difficulties before the start, either capsized or blown into the bushes, although Nick H did manage to start. Ralph capsized shortly after starting and Mike C (Solo) retired at the end of the first lap.

The first two boats back across the line were Mark and Ed both using Radial rigs with Steve S in 3rd place sailing a full Laser. Newton & Emily (RS200) were 4th only 20 seconds behind Steve. Then a minute and a half later Gareth D (Laser) crossed in 5th place with Jamie in another Laser a further two minutes back. Paul H was next along in his Supernova (opting for a bigger rather than a smaller sail to his Laser!) and he was followed by Chris H using his smaller sail on his Comet (initially he was undecided whether to go out, but when Aileen said she was braving it, he decided to do the same, but then Aileen decided against it!). Finally a determined Nick H crossed the line.

By the end of the second lap Ed had taken the lead and Steve had managed to get past Mark to move up to 2nd place, there were no other changes as most were intent on just getting round. Nick received the gun at the end of his second lap having been passed by the leaders.

At the finish Ed and Steve were still in 1st and 2nd places, but Newton & Emily had got past Mark to cross in 3rd place. Gareth was unlucky to capsize just before No 6 enabling Jamie to claim 5th place and  Chris H just pipped Paul H for 7th.

Newton & Emily and Steve S nearly got black flagged as they got carried away playing in the strong wind and very nearly impeded the boats finishing behind them!

The final order on the water was – 1st Ed; 2nd Steve; 3rd Newton & Emily; 4th Mark; 5th Jamie; 6th Gareth D; 7th Chris H; 8th Paul H.

Unusually there were no changes in position from the finishing order. Thanks to Mike A and Sam who managed the race from the bank, but special thanks to the Safety Boat teams, Chris & Carol, Chris & Toby B and Steve D & Aileen, who were particularly busy this evening.