Gillette Series 5 – 7th July 2021

With a SW wind of 10-12 mph Mike T set a first beat to 4 then 8, 5, 7 and back through the start. There were 11 starters, 7 Lasers, a Solo, RS200, Comet and a Supernova.

First back across the line was Mark just ahead of Karen and Darren, all in Lasers. Emily & Newton in a RS200 were through in 4th place followed by the Lasers of Richard H, Jeremy and Nigel. Mike C (Solo) was next across the line in 8th about 30 seconds ahead of Paul H (Supernova) who was over a minute ahead of Chris H (Comet) and Nick H (Laser).

On the second lap Darren passed Karen to move up to 2nd place and Richard H and Jeremy both passed Emily & Newton to move to 4th and 5th places. Further back Nick had gained a place by passing Chris H.

At the end of the third lap there was no change in the order of the first three, but Emily and Newton had regained 4th place by retaking Richard and Jeremy. Chris H had repassed Nick H and these two received the gun at the lap. Paul H disappeared from the charts having been disqualified for sailing an incorrect course. It is not clear if he had been sailing an incorrect course all the time or had just decided on a passing whim to sail a different course at a later stage.

Mark crossed the line to take 1st place and behind him there were no other changes in position. In fact the most consistent performers were Mark who led every lap and Nigel and Mike C who were steady in 7th and 8th on every lap. It used to be Rick who occupied 7th heaven in most races, but now he is flirting with RS200s he is all over the place!

The final order on the water was – 1st Mark; 2nd Darren; 3rd Karen; 4th Emily & Newton; 5th Richard H; 6th Jeremy.

On corrected time the only change to this order is Mike C moving up to 6th spot relegating Jeremy to the Doldrums..

Thanks to SOOD Mike T ably assisted by Sam S and the PBs Sally and Angus.