Summer Series 3 – 4th July 2021

With a South-ish wind varying from 3 to 10 mph, Mark decided to set an interesting course using nearly every number in the box and adding A and B as well. I expected him to run up the Stars and Stripes as well, but we must have lost that flag.

It was a standard flagpole start followed by a completely non-standard course using 9, 4, 2, A (near the buoy line halfway between 4 and 5), 5, B (going towards 8 but in the middle of the lake) 6, 7 and back across the start line.

The saving grace was that we could write the course down before leaving terra firma. It would have been a nightmare if it had been a Committee Boat start as well!

Perhaps we should have a new trophy for the SOOD who manages to set a sailable course using every mark plus A, B, C and D!

Pursuit Race

There were 11 starters this morning and first man away Ron (Mirror) was still leading at the end of the lap followed by Chris H (Comet), Dave & Ann (Leader), Mike C (Solo) and then the Lasers of Chris K, Mike T, Karen, James and Jamie M. Languishing at the rear of the fleet were Mike A and Alistair, who were still exhausted by the tension of watching England beat Ukraine by 4-0 on Saturday night. It takes some time to overcome a shock like that!

At the gun the positions were – 1st Chris K; 2nd Dave & Ann; 3rd Chris H; 4th Mike C; 5th Ron; 6th Mike T.

Handicap Race

Everyone stayed on for the second dance and this time it was the four Lasers of Mike T, Chris K, Karen and James who were first back across the line. Dave & Ann came through in 4th place with Chris H not far behind them. Mike C was next in 7th place, but he was only two seconds ahead of Jamie M in his Laser. Then there was a slight gap back to Alistair (Laser), Ron (Mirror) and Mike A (Lightning).

The second lap saw no change with the first two, Mike T and Chris K, who were having a good battle for the lead. James had manged to pass Karen to move up to 3rd and further back Jamie M had got past Mike C. Mike A had passed Alistair and Ron and these three were enjoying a battle at the back.

Chris K crossed the line in 1st place just about 10 seconds ahead of Mike T in 2nd with James and Karen holding 3rd and 4th places. Chris H pipped Dave & Ann for 5th spot but there were no other changes.

The order on the water was 1st Chris K (a nice doble for him today); 2nd Mike T; 3rd James; 4th Karen; 5th Chris H; 6th Dave & Ann.

On corrected time the order becomes – 1st Ron (that man again – if you can see him – he can beat you!); 2nd Chris H; 3rd Chris K; 4th Mike T; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th James.

Thanks to SOOD Mark and the race team, who all answered the last minute call for volunteers.

So thank you very much Aileen, Jewels, Leon & Ethan and Rick