Gillette Series 2 – 16th July 2021

Another pleasant sunny evening with a SSW wind starting off at about 8 mph but dropping later. Karen set the first mark as A (middle of the lake near Tektona), 9, B (up near the buoy line S of 5), 5, C (middle of the lake level with shore flagpole) and back through the start.

There were 18 starters tonight and first back across the line was Darren (Laser) then Emily & Newton (RS200) and Dave & Ann (Leader). About 20 seconds later Chris H (Comet) crossed in 4th place just ahead of Mike C (Solo) and Will (Radial). Mike A (Lightning) was next through in 7th place being chased by Rick & Steve S (in another RS200). Then came a trio of Lasers led by Mike T followed by Paul H and Mark. Ron (Mirror) was next across the line in 12th place just ahead of Jamie (Laser 77646 – sail number included as we have another Jamie who also sails a Laser!). There was a slight gap back to Sally (Comet) and the Lasers of Jeremy and Nigel with Phoebe (out in a Topper instead of her usual Oppie) and Chris & Carole (Sport 14) bringing up the rear of the fleet with Alfie keeping watch from the shore.

On the second lap there was no change in the front three boats, but Mike C had moved up to 4th. Rick & Steve, Paul H and Mike Tall gained a place by passing Mike A. Further back Jamie had got past Ron and Chris & Carol passed Phoebe. Jeremy retired, presumably a gear failure.

The third lap saw Mike C moving up to 2nd place with Will up to 4th with Emily & Newton down to 5th and Chris H to 6th. Rick & Steve were still in 7th place with Steve providing a steady stream of advice (Rick – should I ram him or give way? Steve – better give way this time – I may have misheard that!). Mike T passed Paul H to move up to 8th and Mark passed Mike A who crossed the line abreast of Jamie. Nigel gained two places passing Ron and Sally. Phoebe received the gun at the end of this lap.

At the end of the fourth lap Darren had increased his lead and Mike C was holding onto to 2nd place and Dave & Ann to 3rd. Emily & Newton and Rick & Steve had repassed Will and the two RS200s crossed the line together battling for 4th place. Mike T had passed Chris to move up to 6th spot. Mark had gained a place by passing Paul H to move up to 8th and Jamie had drawn away from Mike A, who was also passed by Nigel who moved up to 11th (I can see a pattern developing here). Chris & Carol received the gun at the end of the lap much to the relief of Alfie!

Darren crossed the line at the end of the last lap in 1st place and Emily & Newton regained the 2nd place they had held for the first two laps of the race, pushing Mike C down to 3rd. Mike T crossed in 4th place having passed Dave & Ann, Rick & Steve and Will.

The final order on the water was -1st Darren; 2nd Emily & Newton; 3rd Mike C; 4th Mike T; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Rick & Steve.

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Chris H; 2nd Mike C; 3rd Dave & Ann; 4th Darren; 5th Ron; 6th Will.

Thanks to SOOD Karen and the race team of Nick H and Angus (the bare minimum but they managed very well)