Spring Series 4 – 25th April 2021

It was really windy and gusty this morning with a NNE wind varying between 15 and 20 mph.

James set a first beat to 8 then 5, 9,4, A and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

There were 15 brave starters this morning and at the end of one lap early starter Emily (4.7) was still leading, with Karen (Radial) trying to close the gap. Dave & Ann (Leader) were next across the line but Darren (Laser) and Newton & Sam (RS200) nor far behind them. Richard S and Ralph both decided this was a game for soldiers as did Aileen and all three gracefully retired.

At the gun the final positions were –

1st Darren; 2nd Karen; 3rd Newton & Sam; 4th Emily; 5th Jon (Laser); 6th Dave & Ann.

Handicap Race

The three retirees decided enough was enough and sat the second race out, but Jewels decided to join the fray in her Mirror.

Darren was first back across the line nearly a minute ahead of Jon, who was followed closely by Laser 136028 (does anyone know the name of the helm?). Karen (Radial) was 4th, not far ahead of Newton & Sam (RS200) with Adrian (Laser) about 30 seconds further back in 6th place. Dave & Ann (Leader),Emily (4.7), Jewels (Mirror) and Mike T (Laser) were in a close battle for 7th spot. Next to come through were Ron (Mirror) just ahead of Chris H (Comet) then quite a gap back to Paul W in his Morbic12.

On the second lap the first three were still the same (although 136028 had been disqualified for not going back though the start line). Newton passed Karen to move up to 4th and Mike T got ahead of Jewels with no other movers. Chris H sailed on into the third lap unaware that he had also fallen foul of a start line infringement and Paul W received the gun.

At the end of the third lap Darren and Jon could not be separated as they crossed the line fighting for the lead. 136028 was still in 3rd place but retired at the end of the lap (perhaps word had finally got through of the earlier infringement). The 4th, 5th and 6th were still the same, but Mike T gained two more places to move up to 7th place.

On the fourth lap Jon pulled away from Darren to cross the line two minutes ahead of him and Mike T gained another four places to move up to 3rd.  There were no other changes and Chris H received the gun oblivious of his impending fate! The Mirrors of Jewels and Ron also received the gun at the end of this lap.

On the last lap Darren did close the gap to Jon, but not enough to stop him crossing the line a clear winner. Newton & Sam had rallied to regain 3rd place by repassing Mike T. There were no other changes in position,  but Dave & Ann and Emily did well to complete the full distance not that far behind the faster ranked boats in front of them.

The finishing order on the water was –

1st Jon; 2nd Darren; 3rd Newton & Sam; 4th Mike T; 5th Karen; 6th Adrian

On corrected time this changes to –

1st Jewels; 2nd Jon; 3rd Darren; 4th Karen; 5th Emily ; 6th Ron

Well done to Jewels, a result which completely vindicates her decision to join the race!

Thanks to SOOD James and the team of Bea, Gareth and Peter.