Commodore’s Cup Race 1 – 14th April 2021

There was a light wind tonight and 16 starters for the first of the new evening series.

Mike T (Laser) was first back through the line, followed 10 seconds later by Hugh (Laser), Karen (Radial) and Adrian (Rooster – a Laser with a bigger sail!) only one second ahead of Dean & Nick (Vago) who came through in 5th place. 15 seconds later, Mark (Laser) crossed only just ahead of Rick in another Laser and then there was a gap back to Emily (4.7) and Paul H (Supernova) who came along together in 8th and 9th positions. Nigel (Laser) was 10th, not far ahead of Chris H (Comet), Jeremy (Laser) and Rhys (4.7). Quite a gap then before Phoebe (Oppie) crossed the line and she was four minutes ahead of Paul W (Morbic12) and Gareth (Laser) who may have lost their way.

Mike T still led but, Hugh had a dodgy second lap as Karen, Adrian and Mark all got past him. Rick moved up one place to 6th. Paul gained two places to move up to 7th with Dean & Nick slipping back to 8th with Nigel up to 9th.  Further back Gareth moved up two places to 14th. Paul W received the gun at the end of this lap.

By the end of the third lap Adrian had taken the lead with Karen pushing up to 2nd and Mike T down to 3rd. There was no change in the next three positions, but Dean & Nick regained a place to 7th with no further changes behind them. Phoebe received the finish gun this time round.

Fourth and last lap saw Karen getting past Adrian to cross the line in 1st place. Movers further back were Dean & Nick gaining two places to finish 5th and Jeremy after a race long battle with Nigel just pipping him for 9th place.  

The order on the water was –

1st Karen; 2nd Adrian; 3rd Mike T; 4th Mark; 5th Dean & Nick; 6th Rick

On corrected time this changes to –

1st Karen; 2nd Mike T; 3rd Phoebe; 4th Mark; 5th Chris H; 6th Adrian.

Thanks to SOOD Darren and his team of Chris S, Paul R and Ralph.