Spring Series 3 – 18th April 2021

Mark was SOOD today with the help of Mike A and Sally & Mike N manning the safety boat.

It was a very light wind, which unfortunately kept veering from NNE to NNW.

After several pre-race course changes Mark eventually set a start line on an East-West axis (near to 5) with the first mark as B (towards 6) then 9 and back through the start. Got it?   

Pursuit Race

10 starters this morning and Chris H Comet was well ahead at the end of the first lap with Emily 4.7 in 2nd place, Dave & Ann Leader 3rd, Aileen in another Comet 4th. The first Laser through was Richard S followed by Mike T, Ralph, and Darren, then came Chris and Hilary in their Wanderer with Paul Waterman bringing up the rear in the gaff rigged Morbic12.

At the gun, the Laser of Mike T was well ahead Ralph, but Chris H had hung onto 3rd place with Darren in 4th, Dave & Ann Leader 5th and Richard S 6th.

Handicap Race

Although the wind was light the course was short, so we had a three-lap race (well for about half the fleet!)

At the end of the first lap Mike T was back through the line well clear of Ralph and Richard S in 2nd and 3rd places. Dave & Ann were next in 4th place just ahead of Darren, then there was a gap back to Chris H in 6th and Chris & Hillary in 7th. Next across the line were Aileen and Emily who were enjoying a really close battle and then finally Paul who was having trouble getting his Morbic12 to point (well hardly at all, but the gaff rig looked very picturesque).

On the second lap Mike increased his lead over the two chasing Lasers and Darren and Chris had overtaken Dave & Ann to move up to 4th and 5th respectively, with Chris & Hilary 7th and receiving the gun as they crossed the line. Behind them Emily just pipped Aileen across the line as they also received the finish gun along with Paul.

The third lap saw Mike T cross the line some four minutes ahead of Ralph in 2nd place with Darren gaining another place to finish 3rd with Richard 4th. Chris came across in 5th place with Dave & Ann finishing in 6th place.

On corrected time the order becomes –

1st Mike; 2nd Chris H; 3rd Ralph; 4th Darren; 5th Richard; 6th Dave & Ann

Thanks to Mark, Sally & Mike N and Mike A.