Suspension of formal club activities

Dear Member

It is with great reluctance that the committee has decided to suspend all formal club activities for the next six weeks until April 30th.

Whilst our sailing activities are almost entirely at an individual level, the threats of the Covid-19 virus, and the challenges of effectively isolating every club member from every other poses too great a risk for us to allow formal activities to take place. This will include the Racing programme, Pink Fleet, Oppies, Pirates, Training, and Work Parties. We shall delay the RYA “Discover Sailing” Open Day until a date later in the year, and cancel our promotional stall at Woodley shopping centre.

Our neighbouring organisations the Olympic rowing trials and Sonning Regatta have already cancelled all water-born activities; the RYA Oppies training weekend at the club has been called off. Most of the clubs in the area have also curtailed their activities.

We shall continue to monitor the situation daily, and will be in touch with you again as the circumstances develop.

As a member you are free to take part in your own informal activities at the club at your own risk, and to use the club’s resources and rescue boats, on condition that all sailing complies with the club’s rules on safety at all times. Members are free to carry out maintenance on their boats as they wish. In doing so we would ask all members to respect the Government advice on social-distancing: ie no physical contact, maintain space of at least 2m from other people, obsessive cleanliness; needless to say, if you are unfortunate enough to suffer symptoms of Covid-19 please stay in your bed, hunker down and get better soon.

I had hoped we could find a way of continuing with club activities, albeit on a restricted basis, and the committee has discussed a wide variety of options at length. But the barriers are too high, and the risks too great. Please renew your membership as normal, stay in touch through the website and our facebook page, so that when this pandemic is over we can re-invigorate the club, and enjoy a new programme of summer activities.

Meanwhile stay safe, stay healthy, and hopefully we can all be back on the water before long.

Will Stevens, Commodore