Spring Series 3 – 15th March 2020

Spring Series 3            15th March 2020

The first two scheduled races of the Spring Series did not take place because of flooding and at one point this third race looked doubtful. However, the water and wind dropped sufficiently to make it possible.

It was a blustery SW wind of about 18 mph, which kept veering considerably throughout the morning. Mike A set a long beat to 3 then 2, 8, 6, A (where No 7 usually sits) and back through the start.

Pursuit race

There were nine hardy starters and a number of them capsized before the start of the race. In fact Jeremy missed his slot and set out some way behind everyone else.  

At the end of the first lap Mike T (Laser) had caught the earlier starters and crossed the line in the lead. Rhys (4.7) was gong well and came through in 2nd place, just ahead of his old man James in a full rig Laser. Newton & Sam (RS200) were not far behind James, but over a minute ahead of Chris H (Comet) who crossed in 5th place. Adrian (Rooster) was next along just leading Rick (Laser flying a Radial rig) then Emily (4.7) some way ahead of a recovering Jeremy in his Laser.

At the gun Mike T just managed to stay ahead of Newton & Sam to take the victory.

The final positions on the water were – 1st Mike T; 2nd Newton & Sam; 3rd James; 4th Rhys; 5th Adrian; 6th Rick.

Handicap Race

Mike A made a slight course change for the second race by inserting No 5 between 2 and 8.Everyone stayed out for this race, but unfortunately Emily capsized just before the start.

Mike T took an early lead but capsized on the way to 5 letting Newton & Sam through and they crossed the line in 1st place. Mike recovered quickly to come through in 2nd place some 30 seconds ahead of Adrian in 3rd spot. Then came father and son James and Rhys with James leading on the water but Rhys well ahead on handicap time. Jeremy crossed in 6th place and was four minutes ahead of Chris and bringing up the rear was Rick recovering from a capsize earlier in the lap.

At the end of the second and final lap there was no change in the positions of the first four boats but Rhys had unluckily capsized to let Jeremy through into 5th place. Rick went well on this lap and passed Chris just before the line to take 6th place with Rhys finishing about two minutes after Chris.

The order on the water was – 1st Newton & Sam; 2nd Mike T; 3rd Adrian; 4th James; 5th Jeremy; 6th Rick

The only change on corrected time is that Rick loses his 6th place to Chris H.

Thanks to Mike A and the OOD team of Bill C, Nick J, Roland L, Ann & Dave L and Sally N. (If I might say so – a great team!)