Frostbite Series 6 – 12th January 2020

There was a frisky SWS 16 mph wind this morning with stronger gusts coming through to increase the fun! (well for those on the bank). Unusually there were no double handers out today? Dave I set a long first beat down to 3 then A, 5, 8,6, 7 and back through the start line.

There were 11 starters and Julian B (D-Zero) was first back across the line followed by the Lasers of Jon and James. Newton (Solo) came through in 4th place just ahead of Ralph (Laser) and 30 seconds later Adrian (Laser) and Simon (Fire) crossed in close company. Two minutes later along came Ron in his Mirror about a minute ahead of Chris H in his Comet, then a further two minutes back were Jeremy and Gareth both in Lasers.

At the end of the second lap Julian still led with Jon in 2nd place, but Simon had moved up four places to 3rd pushing James down to 4th place.  Ralph had passed Newton to move to 5th, but there were no other changes. Chris H and Jeremy received the gun at the end of the lap and Gareth had retired.

On the last lap there were no changes in position and Julian B claimed the victory on the water.

However, on corrected time the order becomes – 1st Jon; 2nd Julian; 3rd Simon; 4th James; 5th Ron; 6th Ralph

Thanks to Dave I and the OOD team of Bill J, Frantz, Jill G, Ken, Mike C and Sally.