Cobley Series 3 – 22nd September 2019

What a bizarre couple of races. Before at the start of the first race there was a gentle 6-8mph wind which was from the south and was a challenge for Richard S to set a good beat but he managed it by setting A up towards 2, (there was no wind at 2) then 9, 5, 7 and using 6 as the last mark.

Pursuit Race

There were 12 starters and at the end of the first lap the early starters were still well up the leaderboard with Chris H (Comet) in front followed by Dave & Ann (Leader), Rhys (4.7) and Steve S (Solo) and Mike C & crew (Leader). Everyone sailed serenely around until about 5 min before the end of the race when the wind suddenly went from 8mph to about 20 -25 mph. It caught a lot out as they were heading down wind at the time and did not see it coming. There were multiple capsizes and Lottie (Laser) and Mike C retired as a result. The final order at the gun was –

1st Chris H (Comet); 2nd Dave & Ann (Leader); 3rd Mike Tr (Laser); 4th Steve S (Solo); 5th Ellen & Newton (RS 200); 6th Karen (Laser)

Handicap Race

Richard S tweaked the course slightly by using 4 instead of A and the wind eased a touch for this second race. Karen, Lottie and Mike C decided they had had enough and opted to get dry as the forecast rain came tumbling down. Apart from the rain all was well until the start of the third lap when the wind just steadily dropped to pretty much nothing.

Newton & Ellen were first back through the line at the end of the first lap not far ahead of Mike Tr and James (Laser). Steve S came along 30 seconds later and then after another 30 seconds a group consisting of Dave & Ann (Leader), Adrian (Vago s/h), Rhys (4.7) and Rick (Laser) crossed fairly close together. Chris H retired on this lap.

On the second lap there was no change in the order of the first four, but Rick moved up three places to 5th and then the wind disappeared!   

It took almost as long to complete the third lap as the first two laps! Other than the retirements of Steve and Rhys (this time because of a lack of wind), the only positional change was Adrian passing Dave & Ann. The final order on the water was –

1st Ellen & Newton; 2nd Mike Tr; 3rd James; 4th Rick; 5th Adrian; 6th Dave & Ann

On corrected time Adrian and Dave & Ann swap places and everyone else keeps their position.

Thanks to Richard S and the OOD Team of Ben E, Jess B, Leon S, Sarah C and Will S.