Cobley Series 1 – 1st September 2019

There was a good SW wind 10-15mph, which enabled Rick to start the race from the usual flagpole (as opposed to the unusual flagpole) with a long beat down to 3 (about as long as you can get without portage). He then went to A (which I reckon was somewhere near 2), then 4, B (your guess is as good as mine), 5, 6, 7 and back through the start.


14 takers today and no really early starters with the Solos of Steve S and Chris A, the Leaders of Mike N & William and Sally & Mike C and the Radials of Hadey and Joe going off in a starting group.

At the gun, last man away Simon B in his Blaze had come through the fleet to claim first place with Steve S of the starting group hanging on for 2nd place. The final order was – 1st Simon (Blaze); 2nd Steve S (Solo); 3rd Mike Tr (Laser); 4th Dean & Nick (Vago); 5th Ralph (Laser); 6th Hadey (Radial)  


Bill (K1) joined in for the second race so the fleet was up to 15, but not for long as Steve S disappeared on the first lap. Dean & Nick were first back through the start line a minute ahead of Mike Tr and Ralph in 2nd and 3rd places and they were only 4 seconds ahead of Mike C & Sally. Hadey getting back to form was next, but only just ahead of Jamie (Laser). Then there was a gap before Simon crossed the line in 7th place (presumably he had experienced a problem as he is usually way ahead) and he was followed by Mike & William, just 10 seconds ahead of Joe. Next to come through was Jon in his Laser, who is usually a strong wind maestro, so he must have had a problem as well!

Chris A in the surviving Solo crossed in 11th spot about 30 seconds ahead of Adrian (s/h Vago in this wind – obviously likes to set himself a challenge). Then bringing up the rear of the fleet were Bill and Alistair S (Laser), who follows Reading FC and usually opts for the same sort of position.

Rick was kind to everyone and blew the hooter at the end of the second lap and especially kind to Dean & Nick (but he was on for a pint if he finished the race when they were still ahead!). Ralph and Mike Tr were having their usual ding-dong and Ralph passed Mike to take 2nd place. Unfortunately for Mike, Jon had sorted himself out gaining seven places and pipping Mike across the line by 3 seconds to snatch 3rd place. Simon was up two places to finish 5th pushing Hadey down to 6th. The only other movers in the right direction were Chris A and Bill who both gained a place.

The final order on the water was 1st Dean & Nick; 2nd Ralph; 3rd Jon; 4th Mike Tr; 5th Simon; 6th Hadey

On corrected time this becomes

1st Dean & Nick (we’ll never hear the end of this!) 2nd Hadey; 3rd Ralph; 4th Jon; 5th Mike C & Sally; 6th Mike Tr

Thanks to Rick and the OOD Team of Gordon P, Issy, Pat G, Roland L and Sarah C.