Lex Cup – Bank Holiday Monday 26th August 2019

Hot and sunny, but there was hardly any wind. Rick set a box course with 5 as the first mark then down to A, diagonally back up to 6 then down to B and back through the start (got it?).

Only four starters, but with Rick’s wise decision to use a short course three of them actually managed two laps. Monica started in her Europe, but tired of going nowhere, packed in before the end of the first lap. Sally & Nev were out in a Leader and received the gun at the end of their first lap as there was a danger of turning the morning race into an all day affair.

At the end of the first lap Chris H (Comet) led from Hadey in her Radial with Ron (Mirror) bringing up the rear.  On the second lap this order did not change, but on corrected time Ron leapfrogged Hadey.

The final order was -1st Chris H; 2nd Ron; 3rd Hadey

Thanks to Rick and the OOD Team of Andy B, Bill C, Cliff P and Susannah M