Gillette Series 20 – 28th August 2019

It was slightly overcast tonight with a fresh SW wind about 13 mph. Curtis on duty for the third Wednesday in a row (he’s hoping to get the hang of it soon!) set the first beat to A (past Tektona and nearer to the buoy line), then 9, 4, 2, 5, 7 and back through the start.

Newton was out in Julian’s D-Zero and hoping to match Ellen’s performance of leading from the front when she borrowe3d the D-Zero on Sunday. However, his hopes were dashed by the appearance of Simon B with his flying bedstead – the Blaze.

There was quite a good turn out with 18 starters and as predicted Simon was first back across the line, but Newton was a good second about 20 seconds ahead of Mike Tr (Laser), just ahead of Ralph in another Laser. The Leader of Mike N & Nev crossed in 5th place with Hugh (Solo – Newton’s usual steed) and Richard H (Laser) not far behind in 6th and 7th places. Dean & Nick (Vago) were next long in close company with Paul H in his Supernova and then Dave & Ann (Leader) crossed the line overlapping Rick in his Laser.  Just over 30 seconds later a close group of four came through the line with Jeremy (Laser) leading Mike T (Laser), Sally & Roland L (Leader –  Sally adding yet another male to her increasing list of crewmen –  miss a race at your peril gentlemen, you’ll be over the side before you know it!) and Mike A (Lightning). A minute after that motley crew, Ron turned up in his Mirror, back from his adventures at Abersoch, followed by Jemima (Oppie) and Rich F in his Wanderer.

At the end of the second lap there was no change in the first five, but Dean & Nick had shot up to 6th place. Rick had passed Dave & Ann to move up to 10th, Sally & Roland had passed Mike A to move up to 13th and there was no change in order behind them, but Rich received the gun at the end of the lap.

On the third lap again no change in the first five, but Richard H had moved to 6th spot by repassing Dean & Nick and also getting past Hugh. There were no other movers and Ron and Jemima both received the gun as they crossed the line.

The fourth lap was the last and Simon had increased his lead to 2 minutes over Newton at the finish gun and Ralph snatched 3rd place from Mike Tr. Dean & Nick moved up three places to 5th repassing Richard H and passing Mike & Nev and Hugh. Rick gained another place up to 9th by passing Paul H.

Sally & Roland also gained a place getting past Mike T.

The final order on the water was- 1st Simon; 2nd Newton; 3rd Ralph; 4th Mike Tr; 5th Dean & Nick; 6th Mike & Nev.

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Jemima (never rule her out!) 2nd Simon; 3rd Ralph; 4th Mike Tr; 5th Newton; 6th Mike & Nev

Thanks to Curtis and the OOD Team of Gareth E, Hadey, Maggie B, Susannah M and Victor.