Summer Series 13 – 25th August 2019

It was very hot and sunny with the temperature forecast to rise to 30 C in the afternoon. Unfortunately, there was only a light wind, nominally 5-7mph from a SE direction, but it went up and down a fair bit and shifted around all over the place. With a series victory in the bag, Newton volunteered to step up and run the race in the absence of a scheduled SOOD. He set a box course with a Committee Boat start and the first mark as A (just past 9 but in the middle of the lake) then 5, 4, B (due East of 4) and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

11 starters, the same as last week, with the lack of wind putting some off and others busy on the Bank Holiday weekend.

At the end of the first lap Chris H (Comet) had caught Ron (Mirror) who started in front of him. Julian W (out in his brand new Solo – nice looking boat) was 3rd, with Jon (Laser) up to 4th and Chris A (Solo) 5th and Peter R (Enterprise) 6th. Mike A (Radial) came through in 7th place about 3 minutes ahead of Sally & Nev (Leader) who were just ahead of last starter Adrian (Rooster) and Rick and Lottie in Lasers.

It was slow going up to 5 and a bit of a raft developed as boats tried to round the mark. Sally & Nev coming up from behind spotted an opening and came right through the fleet to move from 8th up to 2nd place which they held until the gun with only Chris H ahead of them.

The final order was – 1st Chris H; 2nd Sally & Nev; 3rd Ron; 4th Jon; 5th Julian W; 6th Adrian.

Handicap Race

Julian W sat the second one out so 10 started and first back across the line was Adrian well ahead of Peter R in 2nd place who in turn was clear of Sally & Nev in 3rd. Chris H came through in 4th place with Chris A in 5th and Jon 6th. Next along was Ron ahead of Mike A, Rick and Lottie.

The boats were fairly evenly spaced out, so the only shuffles on the second lap were Jon passing Chris A, and Mike A passing Ron. It was much the same on the third lap, but Ron repassed Mike, who along with Rick and Lottie received the gun at the end of the lap.

On the last lap Chris H snatched 3rd place from Sally & Nev but everyone lese maintained station, so the final order was –

1st Adrian; 2nd Peter R; 3rd Chris H; 4th Sally & Nev; 5th Jon; 6th Chris A

On corrected time the order changes to – 1st Chris H; 2nd Sally & Nev; 3rd Peter R; 4th Adrian; 5th Ron; 6th Chris A

Thanks to Newton and the small OOD Team of Ben E and Brian M.

 This was the last race of the Summer Series and the Pursuit Series was won by Newton & Ellen (RS200) with Karen and Jon (Lasers) tied for 2nd place. The Handicap Series was won by Ellen & Newton with Chris H (Comet) in 2nd place and Jon in 3rd place.

Congratulations to all of them.