Summer Series 10 – 4th August 2019

The wind this morning was a light East to SE variable, probably about 5–8 mph. Mike N had the difficult task of setting a course in the tricky wind conditions and settled on A, B, 3, 2, 5 and back through the start. Not quite sure where A and B were, but would guess somewhere near the buoy line with a Tektona start?

Pursuit Race

24 starters, which in the light winds led to some close encounters. No one caught the early starters Ron (Mirror) and Chris H (Comet) and the next three boats were the Lasers of Mark, Jess and John W with Peter R (Enterprise) just managing to stay ahead of Adrian in his Rooster. In the juniors Phoebe (Oppie) was ahead of Emily (Topper) and Jemima (Oppie). In the not so juniors now, Joe (Laser) finished ahead of Will (Radial) and Rhys (4.7), which was about what you would expect given the sail sizes in a light wind.

The final order was -1st Ron; 2nd Chris H; 3rd Mark; 4th Jess; 5th John W; 6th Peter R

Handicap Race

No course change for the second race, but Julian B joined the fray in his Devoti -Zero and duly crossed the line in 1st place after three laps.

No times were recorded for the first and second laps so I cannot tell you who passed who, or if anyone did at all (some say thank heaven for that!).

In the battle of the RS200s Paul & Lottie took the honours finishing 2nd on the water, whilst Karen took the Laser honours ahead of Jess, Richard S and Jon. The only other craft to constitute a fleet (well two actually) were the Comets and the Oppies. In the former Chris H finished ahead of Nev and in the latter Jemima finished ahead of Phoebe, although in the race of the juniors Emily in her Topper finished in front of the Oppies and these three received the gun at the end of the second lap.

As in the pursuit Joe finished ahead of Will and Rhys, but Will pipped him on handicap. Chris K with Charlie & Pippa crewing in his Mirror retired, but not sure of which lap.

The finishing order on the water was – 1st Julian; 2nd Paul & Lottie; 3rd Karen; 4th Newton & Sam; 5th Jess; 6th Richard S

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Karen; 2nd Ron; 3rd Jemima; 4th Paul & Lottie; 5th Julian; 6th Jess

Thanks to Mike N and the OOD Team of Doug H, Nigel J, Patrick C and Sally