Gillette Series 12 – 3rd July 2019

It was a lovely evening tonight; the sun was out and there was a light 8-10 mph from the N (well swinging NW to NE). Mike A used a Tektona start with a first beat to A (middle of the lake our from 8) then 5, 2, 4 and back through the start.

Mike Tr (Laser) got a flyer and led Hugh (Laser) by 30 seconds at the end of the first lap. Karen (Laser) was 3rd, not far ahead of Mark (Laser) who was 20 seconds ahead of Chris H (Comet) and Dean & Nick (Vago). Rick (Laser) came through on his own in 7th place (he seems to like that position) with Chris A (Solo) about 20 seconds further back with Dave & Ann (Leader), Richard H (Laser), Mike T (Laser), and Sally & Stuart (Leader) in a close group just behind him. A minute later Ron came steaming through in his Mirror taking tactical advice from Tahlia his granddaughter (Why did you do that? Does waggling that make any difference?) Adrian (Vago s/h) was close behind trying to pick up some tips!   Jemima the ace Oppie sailor was next across the line followed a minute later by Chris & Carol in their Sport 14, but without Alfie to give them some woof idea of what to do next.

At the rear of the fleet Rich F (Wanderer s/h) and Phoebe (Oppie) were enjoying their own battle.

By the end of the second lap Mike had increased his lead and Karen had passed Hugh to move up to 2nd place. Dean & Nick moved up two places, just pipping Mark across the line having earlier got past Chris H. Rick was still 7th, but he had lost his kicker (boom fitting sheared off). No change in 8th, 9th and 10th places, but Sally & Stuart had got ahead of Mike T to move up a place. Adrian moved up a place by passing Ron & Tahlia and Chris & Carol moved up a place by passing Jemima.

No change with the first two on the third lap but Mark gained two places by passing Hugh and Dean & Nick, but they retained 4th place as they also passed Hugh (can you follow that?). Chris H was steady in 6th place and Rick was still 7th, but his hat blew off! Fortunately, he had just lapped Phoebe who was coming in to finish her second lap and she very kindly retrieved it for him. Phoebe received the gun at the end of her lap in appreciation of her selfless act. Chris A, Dave & Ann and Richard H were maintaining 8th, 9th and 10th positions and the only change behind them was Jemima retaking Chris & Carol.  Jemima, Chris & Carol and Rich F all received the finish gun at the end of this lap.

At the end of the fourth and last lap the first six remained in the same order. Rick was still 7th, but his   

knicker string was now drooping badly (we thought the moon had come out ! – no sorry it was his kicker string). At last in the middle of the fleet there was some movement as Dave & Ann had passed Chris A to move up to 8th and Richard H had disappeared after a slight contretemps with Sally & Stuart around A, then he went for an early beer and Mike T pipped the Leader over the line by a whisker. Adrian had suddenly got going and had caught Ron and crossed the line four minutes ahead of him (looks like he found the weed brake).   

The final order was – 1st Mike Tr; 2nd Karen; 3rd Mark; 4th Dean & Nick; 5th Hugh; 6th Chris H

On corrected time we have a tie for first place between Mike Tr and Jemima with Chris H moving up to 3rd, Karen down to 4th, Ron & Tahlia up to 5th and Mark down to 6th.

It’s all ups and downs at RSC!

Thanks to Mike A and the OOD Team of Monica, Carlo, Nigel L, Phil M and Steve D (who stepped in at the last minute).