Gillette Series 10 – 19th June 2019

Well it was a bit pleasanter tonight than last week, at least there was a light wind 6-8mph from the West and no rain! Steve S set a first beat down to 3 then 9, 5, 6 and back through the start.

Dean & Nick (Vago) having won last week decided to give everyone a chance this week by contriving to capsize on the way to 9 on the first lap (something about the tiller extension going in and out and not doing much – sounds like a trombone to me!). Newton (Solo) was first back through the start followed by the Lasers of Karen, Mark and Hugh. Peter R (Enterprise s/h) was next through in 5th place closely followed by Chris H (Comet), Curtis (Laser) and Dave & Ann (Leader) and they were about 30 seconds ahead of Chris A (Solo) and the recovering duo of Dean & Nick. Another 30 seconds and a motley bunch came across the line close together, led by Mike A (Lightning), gardener Richard H (likes gathering up weed on his Laser), Mike C & Sam (Wanderer) and Paul H (Laser). About a minute further back Nigel L (Laser) was trying to get clear of Ron (Mirror), easier said than done! Then came the girls Jemima (Oppie), Sally & Stuart (sorry Stuart should have said and the boy!) in the second Leader and last but not least Emily in her Topper.

On the second lap Karen passed Newton to take the lead with Mark still in 3rd place (well he was moving slightly! Peter R moved up to 4th at Hugh’s expense and Dean & Nick gained four places to move to 6th (they had to keep moving to dry out). The only other movers were Sally & Stuart who had passed Jemima.

At the end of the third lap there was no change in order for the first four, but Dean & Nick were up one more place to 5th. Chris H and Dave & Ann were also up one place to 6th and 7th and Mike A gained three to move to 8th. Richard H moved up two places by passing Curtis and Chris A. Further back Nigel passed Paul H with Jemima and Emily both gaining a place due to the retirement of Sally & Stuart.

On the fourth lap Karen increased her lead slightly but the order of the first four remained the same. Chris H and Dean & Nick were locked in battle for 5th place and crossed the line abreast. Dave & Ann were going steady in 7th (and have been going steady for quite a few years now). Richard H was on a roll and gained two more places moving up to 8th passing Mike A and Hugh in the process. Curtis retired from 12th place and Mike C & Sam and Paul H, keen to claim the position, crossed the line together. Jemima also retired on this lap, so Emily gained two places and received the gun at the end of the lap. Ron also received the gun at the end of the lap, and he was lucky as the wind was dropping!

It took everyone slightly longer to complete the last lap, especially those towards the rear of the fleet as they got the worst of the dying breeze. Karen increased her lead and Mark took 2nd place from Newton with Peter R in 4th. Chris H just managed to draw ahead of Dean & Nick to snatch 5th spot. Mike A passed Richard H and Dave & Ann to move up two places to 7th and Paul H and Nigel both got past Mike C & Sam who took the lanterne rouge and probably needed it as dusk was falling!  Chris A could not stand the excitement and retired before the end of the lap.

The final order on the water was –

1st Karen; 2nd Mark B; 3rd Newton; 4th Peter R; 5th Chris H; 6th Dean & Nick

On corrected time the order changes to –

1st Karen; 2nd Newton; 3rd Chris H; 4th Mark; 5th Ron; 6th Peter R

Thanks to Steve and the OOD Team of Ann D, Bob L, Caroline G, Jill G and Mike T. hite’>