Easter Cup Races 2019

Easter Cup 2019

The Easter Cup races took place in beautiful sunshine on Good Friday and Easter Monday with 27 competitors racing in two races on each day. It was good to see a great turn out of our younger sailors with Bea, Ed, Jemima and Phoebe in Oppies, Emily and Shiloh in Toppers and Milo and Rhys in Radials. It was also nice to see a Wayfarer on the water in the hands of John and Linda, not to forget the re appearance of our own pink lady Monica.

Good Friday

Race 1

Paul R (Aero) and Karen (Laser) kept the first two positions throughout the race, Newton (Solo) was 3rd on the first lap but displaced by Ralph (Laser) for the remaining two laps. Mike N took his new Leader out and had a steady race in 6th pushing the two Lasers of Mike T and James just ahead of him. There was some close racing throughout the fleet and Chris H (Comet), Adrian (Rooster), Richard S (Laser) and Sally & Stuart (Leader) were enjoying themselves in the middle of the fleet with Milo and Rhys in Radials just behind them having a great battle. Ron (Mirror) had a lonely race just off the back of this group, but clear of the young sailors at the back, Ed, Jemima, Phoebe and Bea in Oppies and Emily and Shiloh in Toppers who were also enjoying their own race!

Finishing order on the water was – 1st Paul; 2nd Karen; 3rd Ralph; 4th Newton; 5th James; 6th Mike N  

On corrected time this became –    1st Karen; 2nd Jemima; 3rd Paul; 4th Ed; 5th Newton; 6th Ron

Race 2

In the second race Paul got away again and led from start to finish. Mike T held 2nd place for the first two laps, but then Karen came past him on the third lap. Behind them James, Newton and Ralph enjoyed a good scrap as did Milo and Rhys again. In the first race Rhys had come out on top, but Milo just pipped him in this one.

Finishing order on the water was – 1st Paul; 2nd Karen; 3rd Mike T; 4th Ralph; 5th James; 6th Richard S.

On corrected time it was –               1st Paul; 2nd Jemima; 3rd Karen; 4th Ed; 5th Mike T; 6th Newton.

Thanks to Hugh who was SOOD today and his OOD Team of Marion T and Ian B.

Easter Monday

Today the man in a fast boat was not Paul in his Aero. but Julian B in his Devoti D-Zero.

Race 1

There was a similar situation to the first race on Friday as Julian B led from start to finish with Karen in 2nd place. Mike T was 3rd for the first two laps but Ralph snatched the place form him on the last lap. Monica (Europe) made a star appearance to show the boys she could still had it, before gracefully retiring. Adrian had a steady race in 6th place, but behind them there was a really close battle between Joe (Laser), Chris (Comet), Alistair S (Laser), the Leaders of Nev & Mike C and Sally & Stuart along with John & Linda in their Wayfarer and Rhys (Radial). Further back Ron (Mirror) and Sam (Laser) were having a close race in front of Jemima and Ed (Oppies), who were at it again, with Emily (Topper) and Phoebe and Bea in two more Oppies following.  

Finishing order on the water was – 1st Julian B; 2nd Karen; 3rd Ralph; 4th Mike T; 5th Newton; 6th Adrian

On corrected time it was –              1st Karen; 2nd Newton; 3rd Julian; 4th Jemima; 5th Ralph; 6th Ed

Race 2

Again, Julian and Karen led from start to finish with Mike T in 3rd right up to the last lap when he slipped down to 6th! Ralph did it again moving up from 7th on the first lap to take 3rd on the last. Newton occupied 4th spot for most of the race just ahead of Adrian and Joe who had a good battle for 5th place just ahead of Nev & Mike C, Chris H and Rhys. Following them there was another close contest between John & Linda, Sally & Stuart and Sam and further back Jemima was leading Ed, Emily, Phoebe and Bea in the battle of the young sailors.

Finishing order on the water was – 1st Julian; 2nd Karen; 3rd Ralph; 4th Newton; 5th Joe; 6th Mike T

On corrected time this becomes –  

1st Karen; 2nd Jemima; 3rd Julian; 4th Chris H; 5th Newton; 6th Nev & Mike C

Thanks to SOOD James and his OOD Team of Bill C, Ian B, Marcin, Marion T, and Nicholas M

The overall winner and Easter Cup holder for this year was Karen with Jemima in second place and Newton in third.

A great weekend of sailing and congratulations to the girls (again!)