Spring Series 6 – 14th April 2019

With an ENE wind (but swinging around slightly) of about 11 mph, Peter R used a Tektona start with a first beat to X (near 8 but slightly further out) then 1, 3, 5, 2. This gave everyone the dilemma of which side of the island to opt for on the way from X to 1 !

Pursuit Race

Phoebe was first away in her Oppie followed by Ron & Milo ( Mirror), then the Toppers of Emily and Shiloh and three and a half minutes later Chris H (Comet) and Rhys (4.7) got away.

At the end of the first lap Phoebe was still leading by quite a distance and looking as if she might hang on for the victory. However by the time the gun went she had been caught by some of the later starting fast boats, but she still got a 7th place. The final order was –

1st Ellen & Newton (RS200); 2nd Mike T (Laser); 3rd Steve S (Solo); 4th Chris H ( (Comet); 5th  Mike C & Sally (Leader); 6th Dave & Ann (Leader); 7th Phoebe (Oppie)  

Six different boats in the first seven !

Handicap Race

The course for the second race was changed to X, 5, 1, 2 and back through the start.

Richard S (Laser) was first back across the line but he was closely followed by Newton & Ellen (RS200), Steve S (Solo) and Hugh (Laser – nice to see you back on the water Hugh). About 30 seconds later Dave & Ann (Leader) came through followed by a tight bunch led by Rhys (4.7), then Adrian (Laser), Rick (Laser) and Mike T (Laser). Another close trio followed with Chris H (Comet) battling with Sally & Mike C (Leader) and Jeremy (Laser). About a minute later Ron & Milo (Mirror) crossed the line in 13th place followed by Nev & Mike in the third Leader. Then there was a bit of a gap back to sisters Emily in her Topper and Phoebe in her Oppie.  James came to grief near the end of the lap when his boom got trapped and although he tried to re-rig on the water he eventually had to retire. At the end of this first lap the whole fleet was still close together and rounding marks was a tight affair.

Richard still led at the end of the second lap just ahead of Newton & Ellen, but Mike T gained six places to move up to 3rd place. Hugh and Dave & Ann crossed the line together in the battle for 5th place and Nev & Mike also gained six places moving up to 8th spot. Chris H gained a place to move up to 9th and Jeremy made up two to move to 10th. Emily and Phoebe were gamely battling on at the back of the fleet.

By the end of the third lap Newton & Ellen had managed to snatch the lead from Richard with Mike T still in 3rd. Steve S retired when lying in 4th place (presumed gear failure) and Hugh eased away from Dave & Ann to consolidate the 4th spot vacated by Steve. Nev & Mike were up another place to 6th place and Jeremy gained three places to move up to 7th and Rick regained three places to move to 10th.  Emily received the gun at the end of this lap and Phoebe also finished. On this lap the wind had increased slightly and there were some strong gusts coming through, which caused some exciting moments for a number of competitors.

At the end of the fourth and last lap there was no change in the order of the first six boats. Chris gained two places to finish in 7th place, just pipping Adrian across the line. Rick gained another place to finish 9th and Sally & Mike C also gained a place to take 10th with Jeremy, Rhys and Ron bringing up the rear.

The finishing order on the water was –

1st Newton & Ellen; 2nd Richard S; 3rd Mike T; 4th Hugh; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Nev & Mike

On corrected time it’s smoke and mirrors time and just when you do not expect it up pops Ron (this time ably assisted by grandson Milo) to steal the victory from the front runners! Then along comes the other silent assassin Chris H to take the 2nd spot, which means the two leaders are pushed down to 3rd and 4th places and the two Leaders retain their 5th and 6th positions pushing Mike T and Hugh down two places..

Thanks to Peter R and the OOD Team of Dean J, Gareth D, Mike A, Richard C, Robbie H and Sam S.