Spring Series 1 – 3rd March 2019

It was very windy morning and nearly all capsized at some point. In fact, at one point a big gust came through and knocked four or five down like skittles.

Pursuit race

There were 10 starters and enough wind for the fast boys at the back to catch the early starterswith Simon in his Blaze coming through the fleet to take the gun at time up. Mike T (Laser) was 2nd and Will (Radial) did well to stay ahead of James (Laser) and claim the family honours by finishing 3rd.

Steve S (Aero) was 5th with Adrian (Laser) in 6th place.

Handicap Race

Franz decided not to take part, so we were down to 9 for the second race of the day.

It was a three-lap affair and Simon led for all three laps with Steve S in 2nd place for all three laps

At the end of the first lap Adrian was 3rd just ahead of James in 4th with Mike T 5th. Some way back Chris H (Comet) in 6th place was well ahead of Ron (Mirror), Will (Radial) and Dean & Nick in the Vago, the only double-hander out today.

On the second lap Mike T moved up to 3rd place with James retaining 4th with Adrian down to 5th.

The main excitement was towards the rear of the fleet with Team Vago. The Jones boys were excelling in their capsizes, including one with the spinnaker up! The onlookers watched knowing exactly what was going to happen. Things went further downhill for them after that, because they missed out No 6. Eventually they got back and rounded 6, then capsized again, and then acquainted themselves with the trees. They even jinked the rescue boat because in attempting to recover them its bung came out and the boat filled with water. Prime candidates for the Endeavour trophy for battling on through adversity.

Chris, Ron and Will all received the gun at the ed of the lap.

Back to the final lap and no change in the front three, but Adrian had repassed James to take 4th place. The final positions on the water were –

1st Simon; 2nd Steve S; 3rd Mike; 4th Adrian; 5th James; 6th Chris H (one lap down)

On corrected time the first three retain their positions, but Ron moves up to 4th with Adrian 5th and James 6th.

Unfortunately, the names of the OOD Team were not recorded on the race sheet, but should have been Dave P, Christopher K, Issy, Mark P, Mark R and Simon R, so thanks to you if you turned up, if not where were you!