Frostbite 10 – 17th February 2019

With a wind from the South about 10- 13 mph, Dave P set the first mark as 1, then 2, 4, 9, 6, 7 and back through the start.

16 starters this morning and Simon (Blaze) was off to his usual fast first lap crossing the line already one minute ahead of Mark B, who was being chased by the Lasers of Ellen, Alistair S, Jon and Richard S. Bill (K1) and Newton (Solo) were next through in 7th and 8th places followed by James in another Laser.  About a minute later Dave & Ann (Leader) came along ahead of Adrian (Laser) and Chris H (Comet) and Sally & Mike C, the latter two boats crossing the line together. Dean & Nick (Vago) were chasing them and bringing up the rear was Rick (Laser) and Ron (Mirror).     

By the end of the second lap Simon had doubled his lead and Ellen had passed Mark to move up to 2nd place and Jon had passed Alistair to move up to 4th place. James and Adrian had both moved up one by passing Newton and Dave & Ann respectively. Further back Dean & Nick had gained two places and Rick one.

On the third lap the first four retained their positions, but James moved up three places to 5th and Adrian moved up one place to 9th. Sally & Mike C and Rick also gained a place.

The fourth lap saw Jon passing Mark to move up to 3rd behind Simon and Ellen. Bill gained three places to move to 5th and Richard regained 6th place by getting past Alistair. Newton repassed Adrian to move back to 9th place, but there were no other movers in the right direction!

Dave & Ann holding 11th place, Sally & Mike C, Rick, Dean & Nick, Chris and Ron were all finished atr the end of the lap.

At the end of the last lap Simon finished in 1st place well ahead of Ellen in 2nd place. Jon would have been 3rd but he missed out No 6, the penultimate mark, and handed 3rd place to Mark. Bill just got his bow in front of Richard S to take 4th place from him. The only other change in position was Newton passing James to take 7th place.

Final positions on the water were –

1st Simon; 2nd Ellen; 3rd Mark; 4th Bill; 5th Richard S; 6th Alistair S

On corrected time Simon and Ellen keep their 1st and 2nd places, but Newton moves up to 3rd pushing Mark down to 4th place. Richard S keeps his 5th spot with guess who popping up to 6th place? It’s that man in the Mirror again, Ron the one!

Thanks to Dave P and the OOD Team of Dave I, Mark, Nick T and JC (sorry JC could not read your name on the race sheet, but thanks for turning out)