Frostbite 8 – 27th January 2019

There was a biting cold wind coming from the NW blowing about 18-20 mph with gusts of 40 or more. Dave I set the first mark as 6 then 9, 5, 3, 8 and back through the start. There were five Laser variants with Ralph and Adrian boldly opting for full rigs.

Seven hardy souls set forth and Ralph was first back through the line just ahead of James (using his Radial rig) with Will (Radial) and Adrian not far behind them. Then about two minutes later Chris H (Comet) came through just in front of Rhys (4.7) and Ron (Mirror).

At the end of the second lap Ralph had slightly increased his lead with Will now 2nd, but only just from James. Behind these Ron had caught and passed Rhys and it is probable that Adrian was still 4th but was missed crossing the line.

Ralph came to grief on the third lap and retired, by no means the first to capsize and definitely not the last! James was now in the lead one minute ahead of Will, with Chris H moving up to 3rd. Adrian crossed in 4th place about two minutes ahead of Ron, and Rhys who was further back and had gamely battled on was finished (in more ways than one!)

Just after starting the last lap Chris went over and embedded his mast, he managed to pull it clear, but when righting the boat, it came straight back over him and re-embedded the mast! Meanwhile James had got slightly further ahead of son Will and they crossed the finish line well clear of Adrian in 3rd place with Ron persevering to cross in 4th place.

The final positions on the water were-

1st James; 2nd Will; 3rd Adrian; 4th Ron; 5th Rhys (one lap down)

On corrected time Ron should take 1st place with William leapfrogging James (on a full rig handicap) to pip him for 2nd place with Adrian 4th and Rhys 5th.

Well done to all of them including the non-finishers Chris and Ralph and especially young Rhys, the lightest helm out today.

Thanks to Dave I and the OOD Team of Chris K, Frantz, Paul H and Richard M, who all had to brave the bitter wind without the benefit of an adrenalin rush!