New Year Cup 1st January 2019

With no designated SOOD, Will S, Ian S and Frantz stepped up to the plate and ran the race.

There were 10 starters and six laps to go for the leaders, but obviously they did not know this when they started, or they might have reconsidered their decision to go.

First back through the line was Simon (Blaze) with Mike T (Laser) in 2nd and Newton (Solo) in 3rd place. Dean & Nick (Vago) were going well again and came through next with Mike C in 5th place behind them. Nev (Comet) was 6th followed by Ron and Jules in their Mirrors just ahead of Chris H (Comet) and Alistair S (Laser).

At the end of the second lap there was no change in the order of the first four but Nev gained a place to move up to 5th and there were no other movers.

The third lap was similar with the same four at the front, but now Chris had moved up to 5th place and Alistair up to 6th.

On the fourth lap no change with the first five, but Mike C regained 6th place by passing Alistair and further back Ron had caught and passed Jules.

The only change in position on the 5th lap was Jules repassing Ron! Mike C, Alistair, Nev, Jules and Ron all received the gun at the end of this lap.

The first five had to go round again, but yes, you’ve guessed it – no change in position!

he final order on the water was – 1st Simon; 2nd Mike T; 3rd Newton; 4th Dean & Nick; 5th Chris; 6th Mike C  

On corrected time Simon retains his 1st place, but Chris moves up to 2nd. Newton is still 3rd with Mike T 4th and Jules and Ron move up to 5th and 6th places.

Thanks to Frantz , Ian S and Will S for ensuring the race went ahead