Cobley Series 7 – 21st October 2018

It was quite pleasant this morning with a light 5-6 mph WSW wind. Richard S set a first beat down to 3, then 2, 4, 8, 5,6, 7 and back through the start.

There were 24 starters, the highest turn out so far in the Cobley series. With a fairly long course the race was virtually a one lap affair and at the gun Chris H took the victory.
The finishing order was –
1st Chris H -Comet; 2nd Newton & Ellen -RS200; 3rd Mike Tr – Laser; 4th Dave P – National 12; 5th Ralph – Laser; 6th Nev – Comet

Everyone started the second race although Phoebe in her Oppie retired before the end of the first lap.
First back through the line were Ellen & Newton followed by the three Lasers of James, Hugh, and Ralph. This group were about 30 seconds ahead of Dave P (National 12) who in turn was about 30 seconds ahead of Chris H (Comet). Then there was a slight gap back to another three Lasers, Mike Tr, Curtis and Alistair S who were having a good battle. Next through were Dave & Ann (Leader) in close company with Will (Radial) and these were followed by Rick and Mike A (Lasers) who were enjoying their own tussle. Mike T (Laser) was next across the line just ahead of Mike C (Wanderer) and they were followed by Nev (Comet) and Frantz (Laser). Then along came Adrian (Vago s/h) who was about one minute ahead of Sam (Laser) who was a further minute ahead of Cecilia (Radial) and finally were the three Toppers of Rhys, Emily and Olivia.

With the lightish wind there was only time for a further lap and Ellen & Newton received the gun as they crossed the line in 1st place. Hugh and Ralph had moved up to 2nd and 3rd by passing James and Mike Tr had got past Chris to move up to 6th. Mike A moved up four places to 9th, although he was lucky to spot a wind shift and passed Rick, Will, Alistair and Dave & Ann in sight of the line! Mike C gained a place by passing Mike T and Adrian got past Nev. The fleet behind them all gained a place when Frantz retired.

The final order on the water was –
1st Ellen & Newton; 2nd Hugh; 3rd Ralph; 4th James; 5th Dave P; 6th Mike Tr

On handicap the first three retain their positions, but Dave P moves up to 4th and Chris H to 5th pushing James down to 6th.

Thanks to Richards S and the OOD Team of Johns Harrison and Hayes, Marg N and Mark D.